Odemian wins the Solary Hearthstone LAN event! cover image

Odemian wins the Solary Hearthstone LAN event!

Solary organized a Hearthstone LAN tournament with over 100 players for Odemian to crash. Check out the recap and the decks he used.

Hearthstone LANs are incredible events, and this Solary event was no different. In a weekend full of high-level matches and players from all over Europe, Odemian was able to crown himself champion! One thing to highlight is that his line-up didn't include Pure Paladin, one of the strongest decks right now.

Let's go over what happened in this fantastic Solary LAN tournament in Tours, France, and how Odemian reached the very top!

Solary Hearthstone LAN Tournament format

If there is something Hearthstone players miss is LAN open tournaments, fortunately, Solary threw one of the best ones of the year this weekend. The 121-player 2-day tournament was divided into two stages, a 9 Swiss Rounds bracket with the Top 16 advancing into a single elimination playoff bracket.

Day 1 of the event featured the first 7 Swiss rounds, with day 2 being the last two Swiss rounds plus the Top 16 playoffs. Everything was played under the Best-of-5 Conquest (1 Ban) format.

The need for Hearthstone LAN events is so impressive that the €1,500 prize pool was enough to motivate many world-class players to travel to the tournament. Several former Hearthstone Grandmasters and many renowned French players such as Gaby, Warma, Tars, Dizdemon and AyRoK attended the event.

Additionally, some others traveled from other countries not to miss the show. BabyBear and Jambre were part of that last group.

Odemian's path to glory

Despite there being enough evidence to say that Pure Paladin is the top dog, Odemian chose not to bring it to the Solary Hearthstone LAN. Instead, he went for a more unconventional line-up that included Chad Druid, Big Beast Hunter, Spooky Mage and Enrage Warrior. You can copy the deck codes in this link.

Odemian's decks - <a href="https://www.d0nkey.top/deckviewer?code=AAECAZICCKCwBOWwBKbvBOKkBcKlBf3EBc6ABu2ABguJnwSunwTanwSuwATV3QTB3wT64gSN7wTUlQW7mAXWxgUAAQO8zgT9xAXknAX9xAXFpQX9xAUAAA%3D%3D%2CAAECAR8G4Z8E57kEsJMF4qQF9MgF0%2FgFDOrpA4iyBMzkBNDkBKeQBaqkBa6kBebKBY%2FkBfPyBeT1BdL4BQA%3D%2CAAECAf0EBtu5BLrkBKOQBazRBdH4Bc2eBgza0ATx0wTK3gTb3gT67ASEkwWqmAWAwgXz8gXQ%2BAXe%2BAXPngYA%2CAAECAQcGi6AEgdwEiN8EzJIFuMUFud0FDP%2FbBL7iBImDBc2SBY%2BVBaCZBZGjBerQBevQBezQBfTyBb%2BiBgA%3D&amp;compare_decks=false&amp;rotation=false" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Image via D0nkey</a>
Odemian's decks - Image via D0nkey

The Swiss format allows players to stumble and recover. Odemian was able to recover from his losses in rounds 3, against Wizabel and round, 6 against Warma, and still make it to the Top 16 with a 7-2 record.

However, the spotlights of Solary's Hearthstone LAN were over Otsuna, who had a perfect 9-0 score during the Swiss stage. These were the 16 players who made it to the final playoff.

Top 16 players from Solary Hearthstone LAN event - <a href="https://battlefy.com/solary-tournoi/solary-lan/64788bf20e08763d2a320fd8/stage/64842ef7c7ce9117a6884023/results" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Image via Battlefy</a>
Top 16 players from Solary Hearthstone LAN event - Image via Battlefy

In single elimination brackets, there is no room for error. But if you want to become the Solary Hearthstone LAN champion, that's the price you need to pay. Odemian got to the finals after defeating volfa, luta and Gaboumme, with Derpinox as the final boss.

The Solary Hearthstone LAN finals were intense. After winning game one, Odemian made an incredible recovery in game two with his Druid facing Deprinox's Spooky Mage. He was down to 5 health and was able to pull off a tremendous swing turn.

In the end, Odemian was able to win that second game to give himself three chances to secure the Solary Hearthstone LAN championship. Fortunately, he only needed one. In an impressive Mage vs Demon Hunter match, Odemian took the win with nothing other than a Pyroblast lethal.

This was the best way to close this event. If you want to re-watch the action, the VoDs are available on Solary's Twitch channel. Furthermore, you can check the bracket and decklists in the following Battlefy link.

Before ending, I wanted to highlight other aspects of this Solary LAN event that had much more than just Hearthstone.

Solary LAN event recap

On top of the mentioned Hearthstone event, this Solary LAN had Battlegrounds, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitions. But the most important thing about this event is that gave players an excuse to get together.

After the pandemic, the number of LAN tournaments diminished and that's why this Solary event was so well received. Below you can see some of the photos taken by the organization that portrays what happened.

In the end, the champions get the flashes, but this Solary LAN event was way more than a competition. Nevertheless, we congratulate those who took the trophies home.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and guides. Be sure to visit esports.gg for all the latest esports news as well. See you next time in the Tavern.