How can an Old God be a Titan at the same time? Yogg-Saron, Unleashed can be whatever he likes in this new Hearthstone miniset it seems!

A new Titan arrives with the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset and it is none other than Yogg-Saron, Unleashed. The Old God takes yet another form and plans to corrupt everything that surrounds him.

Check out Yogg-Saron, Unleashed, the new Neutral Legendary Titan for the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset arriving on September 19.

Yogg-Saron as a Hearthstone Titan

While the Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar blog announcement didn't mention Yogg as a card, the social media post leaked that the Old God was returning as a Legendary Titan.

Today we finally got to see Yogg-Saron's new Titan form for the upcoming Hearhtsotne Miniset. Keeping his classic spell synergy, the Old God will also seed chaos wherever his tentacles reach. This is how the new Legendary Titan works.

Like every Hearthstone Titan, Yogg-Saron, Unleashed will have three abilities, which players can use once per turn starting on the turn the Old God enters the board. Each ability can only be used once, so choose your fate wisely.

  • Reign of Chaos: Take control of an enemy minion.
  • Induce Insanity: Force each enemy minion to attack a random enemy minion.
  • Tentacle Swarm: Fill your hand with 1/1 Chaotic Tendrils.
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There have been many Yoggs around, do you remember them all? Which one was your favorite?

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Chaotic Tendrils

This new Fall of Ulduar card is a core part of the upcoming Hearthstone Miniset flavor as a way of Yogg-Saron unleashing chaos. Chaotic Tendrils are in a way mini-Yogg-Sarons that improve each time you play one.

Chaotic Tendril miniset card - Image via Blizzard
Chaotic Tendril miniset card - Image via Blizzard

With the new Yogg-Saron Titan Tentacle Swarm ability, players will be able to corrupt and bring chaos to the Tavern after the Fall of Ulduar Hearhtsotne miniset launches.

Are you a faithful servant? Have you praised Yogg enough? Those questions will be answered once the miniset goes live and you start spinning the Hearthstone RNG wheel! On top of this new legendary Titan, the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset brings anomalies into constructed play. Don't miss our article about them!

This is all for now, but stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern.

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