Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ second $50K Lobby Legends event, Noblegarden, is this weekend, days after the Rise of the Nagas cover image

Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ second $50K Lobby Legends event, Noblegarden, is this weekend, days after the Rise of the Nagas

Lobby Legends Noblegarden, the second Battlegrounds tournament will happen this weekend with $50k in prizes. Check all the details here!

Lobby Legends: Noblegarden, the second competitive Battlegrounds event happens this weekend. With $50,000 in prizes, the top 16 players worldwide will need to adapt to the new Rise of the Nagas metagame. Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Noblegarden will be broadcasted on both YouTube and Twitch. What is more, once again, streamers and players will be able to Co-Stream the event. Learn everything about Noblegarden in this article.

Noblegarden tournament details

The second Hearthstone Battlegrounds esports event will occur in Noblegarden on May 14-15. Once again the Top 16 players for the game mode will clash for a piece of the $50,000 in prizes.

To spice things up, Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Noblegarden happens only 4 days after a major game update: the Rise of the Nagas. Battlegrounds Metagame changed completely, not only because now we have a new Minion Type, but also because Buddies have left the building. Even now that Amalgadons are no longer in the tavern, adaptability is critical for success.

The 16 competitors were sorted into two groups in a TOTALLY NOT RIGGED draw. On Day 1, they will compete against each other to see who accumulates the most points in three games. The top four players from each group after three lobbies will compete on Sunday in Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Finals.

Then, on Sunday, we will see the new Check format in action again. In this competitive format exclusive to Lobby Legends, Noblegarden finalists will need to accumulate 20 points first to put the lobby in check. After putting the lobby in check, the players that reach that 20 points threshold will need to win a Lobby to claim the Noblegarden champion title.

Group Distribution for Lobby Legends Noblegarden - image by <a href="https://twitter.com/cerealforme" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Cerealforme</a>
Group Distribution for Lobby Legends Noblegarden - image by Cerealforme

If you have any doubts about how the format works, feel free to revisit our prior article about the Raid Leaders event, or the Hearthstone Esports explanator video.

How to watch Battlegrounds Lobby Legends

Lobby Legends Noblegarden tournament will have both official and community broadcasts to take Battlegrounds to the most amount of viewers possible. Following what happened with the previous Lobby Legends event, Noblegarden will be on YouTube and Twitch. These are the different channels in which you can watch the official streams for the Noblegarden tournament:

Moreover, after the success of the community co-streams during the Raid Leaders event, HS Esports allowed several streamers to rebroadcast the tournament. Find your favorite content creator in the list to have a different and interactive experience during Lobby Legends Noblegarden.

Visit the official Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Noblegarden blog post for all the invited co-streams and their links.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg to see how the Rise of the Nagas dictates the fate of Lobby Legends: Noblegarden. Finally, don't forget to check our Hearthstone section for more news and updates. See you next time, in Bob’s Tavern.