Battlegrounds Lobby Legends third Qualifiers recap. Check who will battle for the $50K prize pool cover image

Battlegrounds Lobby Legends third Qualifiers recap. Check who will battle for the $50K prize pool

Third stop for competitive Battlegrounds: learn who are the 12 players that made it to the next $50,000 Lobby Legends finals!

The third Battlegrounds Lobby Legends tournament has already started with the Qualifier stage. The best 48 players worldwide battled for the 12 final spots, aiming at the $50,000 prize pool. Learn who made it this time to the Lobby Legends finals (name pending) and check the results of your favorite players in this article.

Third Hearthstone Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier

The Battlegrounds competitive circuit doesn’t stop, and despite the dust from Noblegardens hasn’t settled yet, a new Lobby Legends tournament is upon us. The name hasn’t been disclosed, but my guess is that will have something to do with the next Hearthstone Mini-Set.

The top 16 players from the Americas, Europe, and APAC, clashed to see who were Bob’s favorites. The final event will take place on June 25th and 26th.

These 48 players fought in a two-stage qualifier with the highest stakes. Each lobby played three games, and the top 4 players with the most points after three games in each group advanced to the second stage. In that second stage, players were once again sorted into groups, with the top 4 of each, advancing to the Final Event.

As it is used to, the Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifiers didn’t have an official broadcast. However, the community was able to catch the action thanks to players streaming their POV.

Who advanced to the Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends finals?

At the end of the day, these were the 12 players Bob helped to get into the final stage of Battlegrounds Lobby Legends’ third event. We already know some of them from previous events. Keromon and guDDummit participated in the Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders finals. Furthermore, Koyomi, Bofur, Dapeedou, and Jag-eunsae were part of the Noblegardens tournament finals, making back-to-back appearances.

  • Americas: Keromon, koyomi, and Bofur
  • Europe: Waterloooooo, XQN, guDDummit, Zorg, and oliech
  • APAC: jag-eunsae, DaPeeDou, KijilHakase, and AlexJP

In addition to them, four Chinese representatives will play in the final stage of the third Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event.

If you wish to check the full standings, the Competitive Battlegrounds Discord made a detailed community spreadsheet with all the results. Many big names didn’t make it to the finals this time. However, I’m sure they will have more chances in the upcoming Battlegrounds Lobby Legends events.

What’s Next?

We have a long way to go until the June 25th finals, however, competitive Battlegrounds doesn't rest. The current competitive Season for Battlegrounds Lobby Legends ends on May 31st. Players looking forward to qualifying will need to give their best and show they can adapt to the changes in the game mode.

Two weeks ago, Battelgrouns saw the Rise of the Nagas, which completely changed the game. Then, just days ago, a big balance patch shook the metagame and forced competitive players to re-evaluate their strategies.

Despite no confirmation, there might be even more changes announced this week. We are entering Mini-Set territory, and wouldn’t be unexpected if Hearthstone introduced some additions to Battlegrounds as well.

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone Battlegrounds news and updates. See you next time, in Bob’s Tavern.