Hearthstone Battlegrounds will have a new competitive encounter with Lobby Legends Fire Festival. Everything you need to know by Esports.gg

The fifth Hearthstone Battleground competitive event starts this Saturday with the Lobby Legends: Fire Festival tournament. While some might still be suffering the Eternal Night hangover, Hearthstone esports is ready to party again with Lobby Legends: Fire Festival. With the recent addition of nine new minions and the return of Lady Vashj, this event will now again showcase a new meta.

Lobby Legends Fire Festival details

Once again we gather in Bob’s tavern to see a formidable battle for the $50,000 prize pool. The competitors had to lock a top 16 ladder finish in their region and then, be part of the top 12 players in the 48-person qualifier. The final stand happens this weekend, and this is what you need to know.

4 Chinese representatives will join the 12 mentioned players from the Americas, European and Asia-Pacific regions. The competitive format for Lobby Legends: Fire Festival will be the same as the previous events. Hearthstone Esports divided the 16 players into two lobbies that will take place on Saturday.

They will compete in three games, with only the top 4 of each lobby advancing to the Lobby Legends: Fire Festival finals on Sunday. The format for the finals will have the usual twist, players will still accumulate points, but the champion will be decided under the Check Format.

Finalists will need to accumulate 20 points first to put the lobby in check. After putting the lobby in check, the players that reach that 20 points threshold will need to win a Lobby to claim the Battlegrounds Fire Festival champion title.

Meet the players

We are still waiting for the Chinese Qualys to end. However, we do know the 12 representatives from the Americas, European and Asia-Pacific regions.

Battelgrounds Fire Festival Groups
Battelgrounds Fire Festival Groups

How to watch Battlegrounds Lobby Legends

The Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Fire Festival tournament will have official and community broadcasts. Viewership numbers have been on the rise thanks to the return to Twitch. Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Fire Festival will be available on Twitch and YouTube with Raven and Ninaisnoob at the casting desk on the following channels:

Streams starts at 8 am PDT

Furthermore, players are allowed to co-stream. So if you want to see their point of view, make sure you also tune in to their channel. If you wish to follow the Battlegrounds Fire Festival action in a community stream, you can find all the invited content creators and the links to their channels in the official blog post.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more news and updates. See you next time, in Bob’s Tavern.

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