A new Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Tournament is coming. Check out who made it through the qualifiers into the finals.

The dust hasn’t yet settled after the last Battlegrounds Lobby Legends finals, and a new edition is already in sight. The sixth edition of the $500,000 Battlegrounds esport scene will take place on September 24th and 25th. Today, after the qualifiers, we got to know 12 of the players competing in the next Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event. Join us in this Esports.gg recap.

Battlegrounds Lobby Legends #6 Qualifiers

While some are still digesting the controversial finals from Lobby Legends #5, the qualifiers for the next Battlegrounds esports tournaments have already happened. The top 16 ladder players from the Americas, European and Asia Pacific servers got the right to compete in the qualifiers. 

The top 12 of this stage advanced to the $50K main event on September 24th and 25th. To add up to the mix, players had to navigate in a fresh meta. Season 2 started on August 30th, Quests have been out for only 10 days. What’s more, the game suffered a balance patch less than 24 hours before the tournament started.

Lobby Legends #6 Players and Groups – Image via ET Wang

The 48 players were divided into the above-described lobbies. Each of these six groups played three games, with the Top 4 point earners advancing to the second stage of this Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifiers. Following the same format that every Lobby Legends event had, the 24 surviving players had to once again fight in three-game lobbies. The Top 4 point earners from each group will have the honor of competing in the finals.

Qualifier Results for  Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends #6

So, 48 players, six games divided into two stages, everything looking for Bob’s 12 favorite players. While there is no official information about the results, the Battlegrounds community is self-sufficient regarding Lobby Legends, and thanks to them, we can go over the results of the event. Shoutout to BeterBabbit, ET Wang, and the Competitive Battlegrounds discord server.

These are the results shared by the participating players for stage two of this Lobby Legends Qualifiers:

Stage 2 - Lobby 1 - Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results - Image via XQN
Stage 2 – Lobby 1 – Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results – Image via XQN

Stage 2 - Lobby 2 - Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results - Image via BeterBabbit
Stage 2 – Lobby 2 – Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results – Image via BeterBabbit

Stage 2 - Lobby 2 - Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results - Image via BeterBabbit
Lobby 3 – Battlegrounds Lobby Legends Qualifier results – Image via BeterBabbit

Four players from the Chinese server will join the 12 qualified players. These are the names of the players who earned their spot today:

It’s no secret that the Asia-Pacific region dominates the Battlegrounds competitive scene. rimgosu is the reigning champion and will be defending his title, and if he fails, there are half a dozen Japanese players eager to keep the crown in their region.

Players consistency

While APAC’s accomplishments speak volumes of the powerhouse the region is, if we go deeper into the analysis, we will see that also happens at an individual level. ET Wang made a recap of Battlegrounds Lobby Legends #6 previous results, and some are just incredible.

Educated Collins and XQN have participated in every Battlegrounds Lobby Legends edition so far. Both have been rocking the ladder, with XQN accumulating several Rank #1 finishes. Looking at it the other way, we realize that only 1 players are making their debuts in Lobby Legends, Rogojine from France. On a final note, we see Alutemu making it to the main event. You probably know him from the constructed scene. He is a former Grandmaster.

That is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg, Lobby Legends #6 is just days away. Check out our news and guide section for more Battlegrounds content. See you next time in Bob’s Tavern.


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