Next stop in Battlegrounds’ esports calendar: Lobby Legends Castle Nathria, with the new Tavern Buddy extension for Twitch viewers

Hearthstone Battlegrounds it’s having one of its best months ever, and fans are pleased to see the next Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria tournament coming. The event will take place on September 23rd and 24th (check time zones) and will have $50,000. The best 16 Battlegrounds player will clash to become Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria champion. On top of that, Hearthstone is presenting a new immersive experience for viewers with the Tavern Buddy Twitch extension. Viewers can now challenge each other to prove who is Battlegrounds’ greatest fan.

Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria details

While the meta is still new, with Quests taking the spotlight, Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria tournament will have the same exact format as its predecessors. The 16 players coming from the Qualifiers will be divided into two lobbies. During Day 1, each lobby will see three games, with the Top 4 of each group advancing to the final Top 8 on Day 2.

On Day 2, Lobby Legends finalists will compete under Battlegrounds’ check format. In it, players who accumulate 20 points will put the lobby “in check”. Any player that has the lobby in check can become champion if they hit first place in a lobby, creating a thrilling viewing experience.

The players

The 16 gladiators entering Bob’s Tavern at Castle Nathria for this Battlegrounds Lobby Legends have all proven themselves in the qualifiers. Some of them we know from our previous recap, but let’s go over the info once more.

There was no budget for a Griffey video this time. Moreover, on a totally unrelated note, Abar was on holiday, so Hearthstone Esports had to ask Gallywix to certify this Battlegrounds Lobby Legends draw. Here are the Lobbies for Castle Nathria event.

Lobby Legends Castle Nathria Lobby Draw - Image via Blizzard
Lobby Legends Castle Nathria Lobby Draw – Image via Blizzard

Tavern Buddy Twitch Extension for Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria

The Battlegrounds team is presenting a new experience for Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria viewers, the Tavern Buddy extension. This Add on will allow viewers to challenge each other and even the casters, to see who knows best. There will be four minigames during the 2-day broadcast.

Tavern Buddy Twitch Extension for Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria - Image via Blizzard
Tavern Buddy Twitch Extension for Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria – Image via Blizzard

The extension will only work in the official English Twitch broadcast. These are the explanation found in the official Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria Blog post:

  • FANTASY TEAM: Before the start of each Group, viewers choose 3 players they believe will perform the best out of the 8. Viewers earn points based on their game results.
  • THE PUZZLE BOX: Viewers answer a series of yes/no or over/under questions at the start of every broadcast, such as “Will one player get 1st place more than once?” Points are earned for each correct answer.
  • BANDWAGON: Viewers pick a player during the first few turns of each game. Points are earned based on that player’s finish. The earlier they choose, the more possible points.
  • BAROV’S BLESSING: Once during each game, the broadcast will focus on a single matchup and viewers will be asked to predict the winner of that turn.

Where to watch Battlegrounds Lobby Legends: Castle Natrhia

This should be easy if you are a Battlegrounds fan, but in case you need some clues on where to watch Lobby Legends: Castle Nathria, here you have the official broadcast list:

Be aware that this event starts on Friday 23rd, at 4pm PST.

For Lobby Legends: Castle Natrhia we will be seeing Lorinda and Battlegrounds pro-player and streamer Lii at the casting desk. Furthermore, players are allowed to co-stream the event, so check their socials in case you want to have a specific PoV.

Lobby Legends event promo - Image via Blizzard
Lobby Legends event promo – Image via Blizzard

As it always happens with Lobby Legends’ main events, community members will also be co-streaming the event. Check out the blog post for the full list of content creators broadcasting the tournament.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to for more news and updates. See you next time, in Bob’s Tavern at Castle Nathria.

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