Get 6 free Hearthstone packs and 2 Signature Cards with the Battle of Ahn’Qiraj cover image

Get 6 free Hearthstone packs and 2 Signature Cards with the Battle of Ahn’Qiraj

Don’t miss out on six free Hearthstone packs thanks to this special in-game event celebrating Twist’s launch.

The Battle of Ahn'Qiraj starts this September 5, only days after Twist's official release, and will reward Hearthstone players with six free packs and two Signature cards. This in-game event will last until September 19, and to get the loot players will need to accumulate Event XP. Let's check out the details.

How to get 6 Hearthstone free packs

Like with other Hearthstone in-game events, in the Battle of Ahn'Qiraj, you will be able to unlock free items, in this case, six packs and two Signature cards. For that, you will need to gather Event XP points via Quests or just play the game. There's one caveat though.

Since this Hearthstone event's purpose is to promote Twist's official launch, in order to complete the Quests that will accelerate your progress toward the free packs, you'll need to play the new game mode.

With a total of 2,000 Event XP points required, the Quest chain will not be enough to unlock the six free Hearthstone packs, since it only grants 1,350 points. That's where Daily Quests will make the difference, especially the 75 XP ones.

While it might seem like you would need to do nine 75 XP Quests to complete the Battle of Ahn'Qiraj event, since the game also rewards you with Event XP just for playing, it should take way less.

This is the complete list of rewards you can unlock from the Battle of Ahn'Qiraj track:

  • 1 The Grand Tournament Pack
  • 1 Goblins vs Gnomes Pack
  • 1 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Pack
  • 1 Whispers of the Old Gods Pack
  • 2 Caverns of Time Packs
  • 2 Signature Northshire Cleric cards
  • 2 Signature Deathlord cards

As you see, the Battle of Ahn'Qiraj event rewards are also oriented towards Twist, giving Hearthstone players 6 free packs from Wild sets.

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