16 year-old Gaby went on a rampage in the EU playoffs to secure his spot at the 2021 World Championship. Glory, the current champion, and McBanterFace will be joining him. Find out what happened inside!

Gaby, being only 16 years old, has already become a Hearthstone legend. One week after claiming the record for most points in a Grand Master season in Hearthstone’s history, Gaby makes a perfect run in the European playoffs and gets his ticket to the World Championship.

Gaby winning Hearthstone European Grandmasters Season 2 -Image by Blizzard
Gaby winning Hearthstone European Grandmasters Season 2 -Image by Blizzard

In the Asia-Pacific region, Glory, the 2020 World Champion, completed an incredible final sprint and gained his chance of defending his title. In the Americas, McBanterFace won the playoffs defeating Muzzy in the finals, ending his dreams of a third World Championship appearance. Join us for the complete recap.

Gaby: “I’m going to win Worlds this year”

Gaby’s achievements are unprecedentedly in his short Hearthstone career, he is a record in itself. Earlier this year in May, Gaby won $250.000 Masters Tour Orgrimmar and secured his spot in the European GrandMasters league. Not only did he do it in the most competitive regions, but he also guaranteed his promotion one Masters Tour before the season ended.

After winning the tournament in an interview with Frodan for Esports GG, Gaby stated: “I’m going to win Worlds this year”. Gaby stuck to his guns, and today he crowned himself as the European Grandmasters Season 2 Champion. Last week Gaby conquered the record for most points in a Grand Masters season in Hearthstone’s history. Today he won the last 3 matches to secure his World Championship spot.

His run in the European Playoffs was a tough one. Defeating first on Friday one of the European top dogs, Bunnyhoppor, for 3-2 to advance to the Top 4. During Sunday’s final day, Gaby had to face the Grandmasters European Season 1 champion Frenetic in the semi-finals.

The golden boy did what he knows best and defeated Frenetic with a solid 3-1. Waiting in the finals was Jarla, the 2020 World Championship runner-up. Jarla did his best to take the finals, but the French star was just on fire. With another 3-1 victory, the Gaby took it all and earned his place in 2021 World Championship.

Soon, Gaby’s achievements won’t fit into 280 characters. His performance throughout the Grandmasters’ league has been superb. Competing against the world’s finest Hearthstone players, Gaby struck a superb 81.6% win rate. On top of that, he has been #1 Ladder finisher in multiple servers. At this point, we are running out of adjectives to describe Gaby’s performance, we might just say Gaby being Gaby.

Asia Pacific Playoffs

Earlier in the morning, before Gaby got to work securing his World Championship spot, the Asia Pacific playoffs developed with two other impressive stories. The first was Alan who, despite only having 2 points after 4 weeks, went on an incredible final run to win 2 out of the last 3 weeks, and reach the finals. On the other side, Glory, who secured his playoff spot in the last week, also got to the finals and wanted to defend his 2020 World Championship title.

Before the finals, Glory had to overcome Posesi, APAC Season 1's champion. After a close series, Glory won 3-2. The finals against Alan were insane, with Glory even missing lethal during the series. In the end, Glory secured his place in the 2021 World Championship after a 3-1 win, proving that Japan is the true Hearthstone powerhouse in the region.

Glory taking down Alan in APAC Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs finals - Image by Blizzard
Glory taking down Alan in APAC Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs finals - Image by Blizzard

Americas Playoffs

Last but not least we had the Americas Playoffs, and they had something in common with the other two regions: Season one Champion, Nalguidan, made it all the way to the Top 4. In the same fashion as the other regions, in the Americas, Nalguidan couldn't make it to the finals.

Americas definitive match was Muzzy, who had announced his retirement two months ago after 8 years of competing, against McBanterFace a Hearthstone Grandmasters newcomer. The match was a nail-bitter worth being the last of the season. W

Both players brought some aggressive decks in their line-ups. One could easily have expected that the match would be quick but... spoiler, it wasn’t. It all ended in a fifth game where Muzzy was one turn away from winning. However, McBanterFace proved to everyone that the new-bloods are here to stay. He took the game, the final, and the World Championship spot.

The 2021 Hearthstone Wolrd Championship

Later this year, the Hearthstone World Championship will be happening on the 18-19th of December and will have a $500.000 prize pool. In this exclusive tournament, Gaby, Glory, and McBanterFace will be joining the already four World Championship qualified players:

  • Facundo “Nalguidan” Nahuel Pruzzo (Argentina)  – Grandmasters 2021 Season 1, Americas.
  • Wataru “Posesi” Ishibashi (Japan) – Grandmasters 2021 Season 1, Asia-Pacific.
  • David “Frenetic” Neila Quiñones (Spain) – Grandmasters 2021 Season 1, Europe.
  • Huang “KZGXiaobai” Dehui (China) 

On top of them, one more player from the Chineese region will join the roster to complete the 8 competitors. If you want to learn more about the tournament, feel free to check our dedicated article bellow.

With this, we wrap up the Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 2 action, but there is much more to come. Regarding competitive play, we still have two Masters Tours on the horizon before the World Championship in December. Furthermore, regarding Hearthstone as a game, this Tuesday we will see Mercenaries, the new game mode launch.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the action, so stay tuned to Esports.gg. This is all for now, see you next time in the tavern.