Following his historic Masters Tour victory, Gaby sat down with to discuss what separates him from the competition, how he remains composed and also the state of Hearthstone in esports.

The Masters Tour 2021 Orgrimmar concluded this weekend with teenage sensation Gabriel “Gaby” Jeanne taking home the championship, $25,000, and 22 Hearthstone Grandmasters points. Our very own Dan "Frodan" Chou got the opportunity to sit down with Gaby following his 3-2 victory over Torben "Viper" Wahl.

Who is Gaby?

Gaby is one of the best Hearthstone players in Europe already at the age of 15. The teenager from France started playing Hearthstone when he was just eight years old. Gaby's love for the game saw him earn rank one in the Hearthstone ladder by the age of ten.

In his interview, Gaby spoke about being good enough to play in competitive tournaments but was turned away due to the age restrictions. "When I was 12, I was very close to qualifying for a tournament but I was not allowed to compete in it because I was too young.

Gaby: "I'm going to win Worlds"

Gaby's age restriction was the driving factor behind his motivation to become one of the best players in the world. It is a difficult position for any player to be in. Having the talent to become the best but being told no. The restrictions earlier on in his Hearthstone career has moulded Gaby into the player he is today, he wants to be the best.

"I knew since I was 11 that 13 years old was the limit to play in the bigger Hearthstone tournaments. I was kinda mad about it because I was able to qualify for the playoffs but was told no you can't. So until I reached 13 I just wanted to win, I am going to win Worlds this year," said Gaby.

Gaby: "I am just playing Hearthstone every day, all day. I just want to be the best I can"

Reaching the peak of any competition is only half of the journey for a player. It is about staying at the top to make sure you are not knocked off the top of the mountain. In his interview, Gaby describes how hard he works to make sure he is in the best shape possible coming into Masters Tour events.

"I don't really see any big names on the ladder. I'm just playing every day, all day. I just want to be the best I can and just win the Master Tour. When I am in a game I just know how to win it".

How does Gaby handle his emotions?

Gaby is unlike many professional Hearthstone players. Gaby plays with his heart on his sleeve and is a very emotional player. Frodan mentioned this in his interview with Gaby. Gaby explained how he is often stressed out when playing against the best players in the world and how his emotions are genuine and not for the cameras.

"I feel like I am not overreacting at all, I just felt like I was so stressed. In important matches I am very stressed. I played in this Masters Tour, I was very calm. Maybe in the match vs Frenetic I was very stressed but in the top 8 qualifier I was calm, I knew I had an advantage on the line-up.

Gaby makes history as youngest player to win a Hearthstone Masters

Gaby was able to channel his confidence moving into the Masters Tour 2021 Orgrimmar event. The French Hearthstone player became the youngest player at the age of 15 to win a Masters Tour event. Gaby has set the benchmark for young Hearthstone players across the world. Showcasing that with the correct mentality, you can become the best. Gaby's determination for the game has seen him become of the best players, and at such a young age, the sky is the limit for him. Gaby closed out the interview with a short-worded piece of advice for new players entering the scene.

"I just play alot, if you make mistakes don't make them again."

The Hearthstone Masters will return June 18 with the Masters Tour 2021 Dalaran. Fans of Gaby will get to see the French Hearthstone player in action at this tournament as he looks to go for back-to-back championships.

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