Once again, Thijs reached #1 Legend in Hearthstone. The highest-earning player in Hearthstone still has the competitive flame burning.

Only 2 days after the last Hearthstone patch, Thijs got #1 Legend after an impressive run. Thijs has been competing in Hearthstone for over 8 years, and he is far away from being a washed-out player. Today, with nearly 10,000 witnesses on his stream, he reached #1 Legend once again.

Thijs run to #1 Legend Hearthstone

Thijs is definitely a relentless pro, his relegation and retirement from Hearthstone Grandmasters never meant that he had lost his competitive spirit. With the goal in mind of qualifying for the next $250K Hearthstone Masters Tour event, Thijs went all-in for a ladder finish this month.

"I wanted to qualify to the MT so I decided to play in two servers. In Asia, I didn't even have bonus stars."

Thijs to his chat explaining his #1 Legend Run

And so he went. Thijs entered Legend in the Asia server at rank 900 after a long path across all the regular ranks with no star bonuses. It seemed like nothing could stop him. However, Thijs hit a wall at rank 3 at the beginning of the week.

Since the Top 50 Ladder spots from each server qualify for Masters Tours, the grind is harder than ever. There are many pro players on the hunt. Moreover, since 36 Grandmasters got relegated last season, they aren’t auto invited and also need to grind for a spot.

After 10 games on Rank #2, Thijs finally got to the top of Hearthstone’s Ladder. With an 8-2 run playing Control Warrior, he finally made the final step.

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Thijs #1 Legend Control Warrior

Thijs' Motivation

Shortly after reaching #1, Thijs thanked his community and made it clear how important they are to his Hearthstone success. The highest-earning Hearthstone player of all time, with over $500,000 in earnings, stressed how big of an impact the support he gets has on him.

"I couldn't do it without you. You guys make it possible that I enjoy Hearthstone so much. You guys are putting so many good vibes in every day. I couldn't do it without you. It's so motivating when so many people are cheering for you. Or even when you type KEKW, but I know deep in your heart you are also kind of hoping that I still win anyway."

This is not the first Thijs talks about how important enjoying Hearthstone is for him. Back in an AMA in 2016, he said “I will play Hearthstone until I don’t enjoy it anymore. Hopefully, that will never happen”. It seems he is still enjoying it."

It is easy to jump into the hype train and imagine Thijs back on the main stage of the Hearthstone competitive scene. It’s just about if he is determined to go for it. As he mentioned after reaching #1 Legend.

"I like to put my tryhard pants on from time to time. I should do it even more often. Tryharding is just fun"

Thijs after reaching #1 Legend

Thijs will qualify for the fourth Hearthstone Masters Tour event, we will need to wait and see if he can have a good run there to qualify once again for Hearthstone’s next World Championship. In the meantime, I hope he is still having fun in Sunken City.

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