Masters Tour Stormwind showed us the best Hearthstone has to offer, and it was not only gameplay. FuryHunter and Badjimpom danced their way to the finals, literally and gave a world class show.

Frederick “FuryHunter” Adam Møller from Max Team Esports won the $250K Masters Tour Stormwind defeating Badajimpom in an epic final that had much more than just Hearthstone. This past weekend, the Hearthstone community was able to enjoy the finest gameplay and, what is more, to witness an unexpected dance battle between the finalists on social media.

The fifth Hearthstone major tournament of the year took place in the capital city of the Alliance, Stormwind. This online event gathered almost 400 players from over 40 countries, and it consisted of 8 Rounds of Swiss competition leading into a Top 16 Single Elimination Playoff.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Stormwind Top 16 Bracket - Image by Blizzard
Hearthstone Masters Tour Stormwind Top 16 Bracket - Image by Blizzard

The perfect steps

On Sunday, the final day of the competition, players had no more room for error. Once you lose in the single-elimination bracket, you are done. Dealing with nerves with such high stakes is not easy. However, some players had a couple of tricks under their sleeves.

Early in the morning, some minutes before the matches started, Jim “Badajimpom” Boer posted on his tweeter how he dealt with the pressure:

This video was even featured during the official broadcast. Some hours later, with Badajimpom’s video trending, wiRer, Teammate with Furyhunter in Max Team, also posted a similar video of their practice group also showing some moves. 

You might think what does all this have to do with Hearthstone and Masters Tour Stormwind. Well, the universe works in mysterious ways. After several intense games, Furyhunter and Badajimpom got to the finals for one last dance.

Who is FuryHunter?

Frederick “FuryHunter” Adam Møller is a seasoned Hearthstone player who knows what is to be a champion. In 2018 he won the Dreamhack Summer Championship, and in 2019 he crowned himself the champion of the Hearthstone Global Games, representing Danemark with Freddyb.

FuryHunter player card - Image by Blizzard
FuryHunter player card - Image by Blizzard

During the Hearthstone Masters era, FuryHunter qualified for each of the 14 events held since 2019. On month before Stormwind, in a conversation with Hearthstone Grandmaster Monsanto, Furyhunter showed himself a bit frustrated beside his outstanding level of play and was thinking that he should prioritize studying. Joking, he mentioned that he was addicted to Garrote Rogue and that nothing good could come with that. Well, besides winning a Masters Tour.

FuryHunter's chat with Monsanto
FuryHunter's chat with Monsanto

Furyhunter’s way to Hearthstone Masters Tour Stormwind Finals

Furyhunter entered the Top 16 bracket with a 7-1 record in the Swiss stage. Only four matches separated him from being the Hearthstone champion at Stormwind. The day started with a solid victory against WEstone in the Top 16 match. However, this would be the only straightforward win in his journey.

The top 8 match saw FuryHunter losing 2-0 against MaggoGx. Some players just meltdown against this adverse situation. FuryHunter pulled out a reverse sweep to get to the Top 4. In the semifinals, he had to face the Chinese powerhouse VKmsbc. China won 4 out of the 5 previous Hearthstone Masters Tours, and VKmsbc wanted to keep the winning streak.

Once again, FuryHunter lost his first two games and had to face a triple match point against him. And once more, FuryHunter pulled off the reverse sweep with an epic top-decked lethal in game five.

One last Hearthstone dance in Stormwind

As if it were scripted, the two dancers met in the finals. The seasoned FuryHunter against the newcomer Badajimpom for one final battle. The final featured two unique line-ups including Paladin, Warrior, and Shaman, classes that were not seen as the most powerful of the meta.

The final started with Badajimpom winning the first game. This time, however, Furyhunter didn’t want to go through the pressure of being 0-2. The danish player took three wins in a row playing some superb Hearthstone and crowned himself as the Stormwind champion.

"It feels great to win a Masters Tour. I've gone 7-2 4 times so I felt like I was due. But to win it all is just a dream come true."

FuryHunter to

With his championship at Stormwind, FuryHunter took $25.000 in prize money and 22 points for the promotion race to Hearthstone Grandmasters. On the other hand, Badajimpom earned $17.000 in his second Masters Tour appearance. Both players expressed their joy on social media after Stormwind ended, and the Hearthstone community celebrate them.

Next stop in Competitive Hearthstone

Masters Tour Stormwind wasn’t the last stop in the competitive Hearthstone year. On the 19th of November, we will be having Masters Tour Undercity, the last stop before the World Championship on December 18th. Make sure to follow the action and broadcast exclusively on YouTube.

Stay tuned to for more Hearhtsone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.

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