Not sure what deck to play in Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawliseum? Check these 12-wins decks and prepare for battle.

This week, Hearthstone is doing a special Tavern Brawl, the Heroic Brawliseum, and Esportsgg has your back and brings you seven different 12-win Decks for you! So, if you doubt what Deck to use in the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum, join me in this article.

What is the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum?

To begin with, you must know that the Heroic Brawliseum consists of a special Hearthstone event that takes the regular Tavern Brawl to a different level. This high-stakes event allows players to rip off incredible rewards if they are good enough to defeat the competition.

Heroic Brawliseum’s format is similar to the Hearthstone Arena mode in the way that players lock in a deck and compete until they either get to 12 wins or are defeated 3 times. Different from Arena, in the Heroic Brawliseum there is no draft phase, and players can bring any Standard decks they want.

12-Wins-Decks for Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawliseum

If you want to test yourself against the strongest players out there in this high-stakes event, you must prepare for it. That is why EsportsGG brings you 9 different 12-win Decks for this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum.

The following Heroic Brawlisuem Decks, piloted by different Hearthstone pro-players, got to the 12-win mark. So the odds are that they are pretty good picks.

Thijs’ Thieve Rogue

  • Code: AAECAcKPBAah+QO/gATtgAT7igSvtgTYtgQMvYAE9p8E958E7qAEuqQE+6UE+awEr7MEt7MEssEEiskEmtsEAA==
  • Comment: Despite this being Thij’s list, it was the former Hearthstone Grandmasters Languagehacker and The Housewife who got to 12 wins with this Deck in the Heroic Brawliseum.
Hearthstone Brawliseum Deck Thijs’ Thieve Rogue

Habugabu’s Ramp Druid

  • Code: AAECAaHDAwjJ9QPH+QOwgASJiwTxpASlrQSEsASNtQQLrIAEr4AEiZ8Erp8E2p8Ez6wEjbIE/70ErsAEssEE2qEFAA==
  • Comment: If you are finding Boar Priests in the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum, this deck is the solution.
Hearthstone Brawliseum Deck Habugabu’s Ramp Druid

Superior David’s Big-Beast Hunter

Hearthstone Brawliseum Deck Superior David’s Big-Beast Hunter

Rusinho’s Naga Mage

  • Comment: This deck goes Naga, Spell, Naga, Spell, Naga, Spell, Naga, Spell, win Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawliseum.
Rusinho’s Naga Mage

McBanterFace’s Burn Shaman

  • Comment: Is Shaman a real class, with a real deck, capable of winning a Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum? It seems that McBanter Face pulled the trick.
Hearthstone Brawliseum Deck McBanterFace’s Burn Shaman

Dragonriderdk’s Mech Paladin

  • Code: AAECAfKOBQj76APH+QPQ+QO/gATgiwT5pASwsgTsugQLqvgDyaAE1qAEkrUE4bUE3rkE1L0EssEE2tME2tkElKQFAA==
  • Comment: Dragonriderdk was gentle enough to give us the mulligan guide for this deck for anyone wanting to try it in this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum. Look for Jewel Kit, early mechs, and Viper in the mirror. If on the coin, Automaton combined with a follow-up mech will help you stay ahead on board.
Dragonriderdk’s Mech Paladin

Pocket Train’s Boar Priest

  • Code: AAECAa0GBNTtA+iLBIWfBImyBA2Z6wOH9wPT+QOMgQStigTLoASEowSKowSitgSktgT00wSh1AT28QQA
  • Comment: Last but not least, this is possibly the first 12-0 deck in this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum.
Hearthstone Brawliseum Deck Pocket Train’s Boar Priest

Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards

Time to talk about rewards. Remember that the Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum rewards are incredible, and players can get up to 50 packs. However, they are concentrated in the top wins, so if you feel that you are not consistently making 7 wins, maybe it is better to save your gold for the upcoming Mini-set.

If you were wondering about the exact reward distribution for this Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum, the following chart can give you an idea. On top of the previously mentioned, bear in mind that each ticket costs 1000 gold, which could buy you 10 packs or half the Mini-Set.

Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards
Hearthstone Heroic Brawliseum Rewards

Finally, stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. Once again, see you next time, in the Heroic Brawliseum.


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