At least a dozen Hearthstone Mercenaries parody accounts have sprung up on Twitter. But what is it all about and who is behind it?

Hearthstone Mercenaries suddenly took over Twitter. At first, it was only Guff, the most loveable of all the Hearthstone Mercenaries. Shortly after, the other nine followed. Most of the accounts were brand new. Was this a coordinated Hearthstone PR move or just some guys messing around?

Guff, the first Hearthstone Mercenary on Twitter

Hearthstone Mercenaries have been with us for almost a year now. With their first appearance in Forged in the Barrens, their year-long stories developed expansion after expansion. Less than a week ago, Guff Runetotem got a Twitter account, and with a simple message, he said hello to the community.

To begin with, this tweet, and Guff’s whole profile, to be honest, followed all that we know about the character. If you have played some games with his skin or completed his Book of Mercenaries, you will be aware that he is the softer and most tender of all druids. Knowing that, one should ask, is Twitter the right place for him?

Hearthstone Mercenaries now on Twitter
Hearthstone Mercenaries now on Twitter

Back to the main topic, as if it was a chain reaction, following Guff, all the other Hearthstone Mercenaries appeared on Twitter.

All of them followed the same role-play Guff started, and what is more, they were all interacting with the community. Moreover, they even started meming about streamers like RegisKillbin or Brian Kibler. Later, Xyrella offered free palm reading. After reading some of the answers myself, I must admit that the Light had some accurate background knowledge.

The domino effect

Hearthstone Mercenaries were all over Twitter. Part of the community thought it was cringe, while others were curious about it. But things didn’t stop there. On top of the 10 Mercenaries, many other Hearthstone characters came to life on Twitter. Most of the accounts were meming all over the place and interacting with the community.

Even public enemy N°1, Maestra, got onto social media, and she did it her own way. Come on, leave the mask. Everyone on the ladder knows they are playing against Rouges 100% of the time. Among some other funny characters, Rafaam also made his appearance.

Who is behind this?

After the Hearthstone Mercenaries and friends stormed Twitter, the community started wondering. Was the same person behind all of them, was this a PR move from Alkali, or just some community members messing around?

When questioned, Hearthstone Community Manager, Alkali, gave an inconclusive answer about who was behind the Hearthstone Mercenaries Twitter accounts. Later, Matt London, Game Designer for Blizzard Entertainment, and the one in charge of storytelling in Hearthstone started solving the mystery.

A big part of the community, myself included, wanted the Hearthstone Mercenaries’ accounts to be real. Perhaps, we all want to imagine that there is always something bigger behind what we see. At least once more we are surprised by the incredible creativity of the community.

If you want to check those accounts, Ben Hearthstone compiled some of them in this tweet. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone Mercenaries news and updates. See you next time on Twitter… I mean, in the tavern.

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