The Voyage to the Sunken City release date is April 12.

Hearthstone will have a Voyage to the Sunken City theorycrafting event on April 7th ahead of the expansion’s launch date. 

The theorycrafting event will run from 9am to 3pm PT on April 7th, allowing select players and Hearthstone community members to experience cards from the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion. 

Wild Hearthstone Community Joins Theorycrafting Event

Wild cards will be included in the theorycrafting pre-release event for Voyage to the Sunken City, according to Zeddy. In a tweet, Hearthstone Content Manager Alkali Layke also acknowledged the attendance of Wild players in the upcoming event.

“I am beyond excited to announce that @PlayHearthstone has invited me to the first ever Wild Theorycrafting event to celebrate the release of Voyage to the Sunken City on April 7th!” Zeddy announced on Twitter. “I cannot wait to try out all the new insane cards against tons of amazing Wild content creators!”

In another tweet, Layke revealed the requirements for the Wild decks. A Legendary card is needed from Voyage to the Sunken City alongside four addition cards from the expansion.

Voyage to the Sunken City Theorycrafting Streamers

According to an email announcement, “some of the biggest names in Hearthstone” will be part of the Voyage to the Sunken City theorycrafting event.

Hearthstone continues to welcome the blind community, as I have been invited to represent then at the theory crafting event for Voyage to the Sunken City!

Brandon Cole

Several content creators and players have already announced that they will participate in the event via Twitch. Some of them include Nayara “NaySyl” Sylvestre, Jon “Orange” Westberg, Dawn “Dragonriderdk” Krakowski and Brandon Cole. Earlier in March, Hearthstone also championed accessibility with a video that had audio descriptions for Voyage to the Sunken City.

Hearthstone enthusiasts can also browse the Twitch Hearthstone directory on April 7 to discover streamers participating in the event. Many participating channels will be running Voyage to the Sunken City bundle giveaways as well.

All About the Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City Expansion

The Voyage to the Sunken City release date will be April 12th, and the expansion will feature 135 new cards, the Naga minion type, plus the Colossal and Dredge keywords.

Earlier in March, Hearthstone Game Designers Cora “SongBird” Georgiou and Edward “Gallon” Goodwin sat down with for a conversation about Voyage to the Sunken City. 

Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City logo Theorycrafting
The Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City logo. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

“I think Colossal might be the best keyword we’ve ever made outside of Discovery,” Gallon said in the interview. “So Colossal minions are minions that are just too big to fit onto just one card. So whenever you summon them—not just play them—whenever you summon them like if you recruit them or summon them in your deck, they will spawn with their extra appendages. And these are unique limbs that will play off the main body’s textbox in very interesting ways.”

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