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Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City Decks to Dive Into and Explore

The newest Hearthstone expansion is here! Here are 10 Voyage to the Sunken City decks that you can explore and dive into at launch!

With the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City, players can duke it out against each other while testing out new decks. 

Voyage to the Sunken City Decks

Prior to the April 12 launch, Hearthstone had a livestreaming event where invited players got to engage in theorycrafting shenanigans. Some of these players were Brandon Cole, Zeddy, Orange, Dragonriderdk, Thijs, RegisKillbin, Feno, TrumpSC and WoWHobbs. Meanwhile, Twitch’s Hearthstone category exploded with livestreams as community members enabled Twitch Drops in celebration of Voyage to the Sunken City.

There are a bunch of decks featured during the theorycrafting event, and players have already detailed some Voyage to the Sunken City ones to play on the launch date. 

Murloc Warlock

Dust Cost: 5640
Creator: Superior David

“Mrglmrglmrglmrgl!” The Warlock class gets some great Murloc synergy in Voyage to the Sunken City. This Murloc Warlock deck features low-mana minions and encourages players to take advantage of the Life Tap hero power. The goal is to overwhelm the enemy with the traditional “zoo” strategy while maintaining a board advantage.

  • Deck Code: AAECAf0GArGwBOWwBA6T6AOU6AO1nwSioASroAT0sQTVsgS+tASAtQTjvQSywQScxwTu0wT+2AQA 

Voyage to the Sunken City Mech Paladin Deck

Dust Cost: 9840
Creator: TrumpSC

Next, the Murlocs have some foes to contend with thanks to Mech Paladin. This particular deck wants to make the most out of Radar Detector, which is a card that scans the bottom five cards of one’s deck and draws any Mechs found. The card then shuffles the player’s deck. Those who are trying out Mech Paladin should also hand-buff their minions and pay attention to the Divine Shield synergy.


Mech Mage

Dust Cost: 7020
Creator: Meati

The Mage class also embraces the power of Mech minions in Voyage to the Sunken City. In this deck, a player must leverage the Mech synergy while using spells to gain tempo. In an interview, this deck was predicted by Edward “Gallon” Goodwin to come back with a vengeance.  


Questline Pirate Warrior

Dust Cost: 7740
Creator: Old Guardian

Does anyone else remember Patches’ old voiceline while climbing ladder back in the day? This deck doesn't include him, but Pirates are back thanks to Questline Pirate Warrior. This particular deck takes advantage of the new and low-cost Pirates in Standard, allowing players to complete the Questline more smoothly. Nellie, the Great Thresher also gets to shine by allowing players to discover some sea-faring minions.

  • Deck Code: AAECAQcEmPYDju8Dv4AEjskEDf7nA7LBBK2gBKaKBJX2A5C3BKmzBJb2A5yBBIqwBK+gBM/7A9XxAwA=

Bottom Feeder Beast Druid

Dust Cost: 8760
Creator: Nohandsgamer

Continuing with the theme of minions, Bottom Feeder Beast Druid features cards that cycle through a player’s deck, tempo and more emphasis on the late game. A player can put pressure on their opponent to secure a win plus make the most out of the Bottom Feeder minions, which can become stronger and stronger.


Fel Naga Demon Hunter Deck - Voyage to the Sunken City

Dust Cost: 11460
Creator: TrumpSC

Next, there is Fel Naga Demon Hunter, which makes use of the new Naga minion type. This mid-range deck aims for some board control in the early game, allows for efficient trades, and lets a player be more aggressive later on. 

  • Deck Code: AAECAea5AwaN9wOHiwSEsgTbuQT7vwT+vwQM1cgDwvEDifcDyIAEg58Etp8E7KAEjrAE77EE8bEEmLoE+b8EAA==

Quest Hunter

Dust Cost: 8040
Creator: Superior David

For Quest Hunter in Voyage to the Sunken City, it takes advantage of the new Barb Nets spell plus the Naga minion type. The Barb Nets card deals two damage to an enemy, and if a player has a Naga minion while holding this, then they'll get to choose a second target. Meanwhile, playing Conch’s Call can draw in more spells and Naga minions. 

  • Deck Code: AAEBAR8E5e8D/fgD25EEhskEDdzqA9vtA/f4A6mfBKqfBOOfBLugBMGsBJ2wBISyBMi3BIHJBITJBAA= 

Deathrattle Rogue

Dust Cost: 8100
Creator: J Alexander

There’s also Deathrattle Rogue, which allows a player to fling spells and reduce the cost of cards. A player can also cycle through their deck and even cast Smokescreen for draw and extra Deathrattle shenanigans. 

  • Deck Code: AAECAaIHBKH0A/KkBKOgBNi2BA2RnwT3nwS9gAS3swSJ0gSq6wOEsgSo7wPVtgT16AOZtgTjuQT9rAQA

New Voyage to the Sunken City Silence Priest Deck

Dust Cost: 5160
Creator: WickedGood

Those who favor spells, clearing, and copying minions can duke it out against others using Silence Priest. This deck also leverages the Dredge keyword, as Illuminate reduces the cost of spells. Meanwhile, Azsharan Ritual and Sunken Ritual can be combined for more Silence and Dredge action. 

  • Deck Code: AAECAa0GAvbxBIujBA6itgSsigSKowTHwAT00wSjtgSJowStigSh1ASc1ATgoAS+3ATUpAS4tgQA

Burn Shaman

Dust Cost: 5160
Creator: Old Guardian

While some cards from the Burn Shaman archetype have rotated out, other cards such as Scalding Geyser, Azsharan Scroll and Maelstrom Portal are viable at the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City. Meanwhile, the burn package is still there alongside board freezes. 

  • Deck Code: AAECAaoIAue1BMORBA6Z2wT5nwTq5wO8tgT5kQSH1AT67AOVkgTTgASEsgSVsASogQSNugS5kQQA

With these decks, we hope you're ready to dive into the new Voyage to the Sunken City expansion! For more Hearthstrone content, stay tuned on Esports.gg for news and updates