24 time Halo champion Snip3down has officially left TSM Apex Legends, joining the newly formed FaZe Clan Halo roster. This comes ahead of the first Halo major in Raleigh.

After much speculation, Snip3down and TSM have finally confirmed his departure to Halo Infinite. Eric “Snip3down” Wrona had been playing with TSM since October 2020. He has joined the FaZe Halo roster.

Snip3down has an incredible history in Halo esports. It has become apparent that the lure of Infinite has been too much for the 24 time champion, and he decided to depart TSM and Apex Legends to return back to his roots.

Long Awaited Confirmation

esports.gg first reported the speculation that Snip3down was leaving TSM in November, and he has since been replaced on TSM Apex by Verhulstt. However, there had not been a formal confirmation of his departure.

Snip3down officially announced his departure with an emotional video on social media.

He thanked everyone on TSM, especially the fans and the Japanese community for all the support. Snip3 also made reference to what an opportunity joining TSM was. Describing this as a dream come true. He went on to say that in his 14 years of professional gaming, he had never had such a strong bond with his teammates.

The TSM trio of Snip3down, Hal and Reps had lots of success in Apex Legends. This included a fantastic third place in the Apex Championships in May. Other notable victories included the GLL Masters Spring and ALGS Autumn Circuit #3 Qualifier. His departure will be sorely felt by TSM Apex.

TSM fans will remember their hot ones challenge for some time.

Snip3 hinted that he would continue to play with Hal and Reps, making sure to mention that there will still be a little bit of trash talk between the three in future. The trio had become infamous for their passionate communication.

“The hardest decision of my life”

Snip3down also described this decision as “the hardest decision of my life”. He said however that sometimes you have to take a risk. If anyone can make a success of the new Halo esport, you would bet on Snip3down being the man.

Summarising, he described the moment as bittersweet. He wished TSM and their new pickup all the best and said he will follow their progress closely as a fan.

Snip3down joins FaZe Clan

Rumours strongly suggested that he will be joining the FaZe Halo roster. After much speculation, this was finally confirmed shortly after Snip3down’s departure from TSM.

FaZe had held off revealing their Halo roster, and sources suggested that the hold up was the TSM contract of Snip3down. Now that he has left TSM officially, they have revealed his official arrival with FaZe. He joins Bubudubu, Falcated and Bound2k. The team had already been competing together, under the name Inconceivable.

Snip3down has already found early success since returning to Halo. He secured 2nd place in the Twitch rivals throwback, and 3rd place in the Kickoff major with the now FaZe roster. There will be significant pressure on the 30 year old to return straight back to the top of the Halo scene, picking up where he left off.

For more Halo coverage, including the upcoming major in Raleigh, stay tuned to esports.gg.

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