Rumours are growing that Halo legend Snip3down is set to leave Apex Legends and return to Halo as part of the FAZE Clan roster.

Speculation is mounting that TSM player Eric “Snip3down” Wrona is set to leave Apex legends and return to Halo. Snip3down made his name in Halo, and is a multi-time champion and X Games Gold medalist. He famously has won 24 LAN events, with 8 different teams and is an all-time great in the Halo community. Halo Esports ranked him the #6 best Halo player of all time in their top 25 rankings.

“He decided he wanted to play Halo again”

The rumors about Snip3down returning to Halo started earlier today, as OpTic FormaL revealed that he was dropped from the FAZE Halo roster to make way for Snip3down.

This has come as a surprise to both Apex and Halo fans. Snip3down had previously denied that he was going to return to Halo, and he is currently mid-season in the Apex Pro League.

Further, some people are now reflecting on this Snip3down tweet in light of the latest rumors:

Was Snip3down torn about his future? Or was he simply under the weather? No matter what he chooses to do, he is leaving behind something he loves. Halo was the making of Snip3down, but he is also at the very top of the Apex Legends scene, just months before LAN returns.

Snip3down spotted in Scrims…

However, if you look VERY closely at the kill-feed in this Halo scrim footage you can see Snip3down in the kill feed, showing that he has been practicing for professional Halo play. This was despite Snipe suggesting that while he did plan to play Halo for fun, he probably was not competing due to Apex commitments. It could be that he was playing scrims for fun too.

… and spotted on the roster

Snip3down has also been spotted on the signup page for this weekend’s Halo tournament.

This tournament is taking place at the exact same time as Snipe is due to appear in the ALGS pro league. It would seem very unlikely that he can play in both at once.

ImperialHal’s cryptic tweet

One of Snip3down’s Apex Legends teammates, ImperialHal has added more fuel to the fire with this incredibly cryptic tweet this evening.

Was this a late decision? Has Snip3down made a last second switch away from Apex Legends? You would not assume that Hal, who is surely aware of the rumours, would tweet something like this about a separate matter.

Who could replace Snip3down on the TSM roster?

As people speculate about if Snip3down will even play this weekends pro league, attention is also turning towards who could replace him if the rumours prove true.

ESA Verhulst the fans favourite to replace Snip3down

The Reddit rumor mill is in full flow, suggesting that Verhulst, who is currently with ESA, could be Snip3downs replacement. ImperialHal, Reps and Verhulst were spotted in Discord together. What were they discussing? No one was streaming so this is just speculation, but people are drawing a connection between this and the Snip3down departure.

One Reddit user has put together a theory that also involves NRG Rogue, who announced he was looking to come back to competitive Apex. This week, Verhulst has been playing Apex ranked with Hal and Reps. Rogue has been playing ranked with the rest of the ESA team, Skittle_Cakes, and Dooplex. Skittle_cakes also reacted with an eyes emoji to Rogue’s tweet that he was looking for a team in competitive Apex.

Could Rogue be connected to a roster shuffle following a Snip3down departure?

Clearly, there are a lot of assumptions in this theory. Alternatively, when Snip3down was on holiday during the GLL Masters summer tournament, Rogue was his temporary replacement. Could he make the swap to TSM and become permanent? Both players fill the “fragger” role.

Pro League and Raleigh approach

The speculation should soon become clear, as this weekend contains both the ALGS Pro League return and the start of the Halo competitive scene with a tournament in Raleigh. While Snip3down has suggested he wishes to play both games, it would be physically impossible to take part in both this weekend. Where will he commit his future to? Who will replace him? It is sure to be an exciting 24 hours.

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