Quadrant will carry Europe’s hopes at the HCS Raleigh kickoff Major. This is the orgnanization’s first competitive roster and it has nothing to do with racing.

Lando Norris-backed Quadrant has announced its foray into Halo esports by signing its first-ever competitive roster. The UK-based organization will compete at the upcoming HCS Raleigh Kick off Major. 

Quadrant is a gaming and lifestyle brand founded by Formula 1 driver Lando Norris and brought to life by Veloce Esports. Despite being over a year old, the organization has focused primarily on content creation and merchandise so far. This announcement is their first foray into signing a competitive roster and they have chosen Halo esports as their first title.

“I’ve loved watching Halo since it launched last month and I made sure we moved quickly to sign one of Europe’s most talented rosters to our team. I’ve set the goals high and the team is just as passionate as I am, so let’s go get our first win!”

Lando Norris, Founder, Quadrant

Quadrant signs first esports roster with Halo

The team signed four French players players formerly part of OEX. 

  • Sébastien “TchiK” Darriet
  • Norwen “SLG” Le Galloudec
  • Sonny “Fragxr” Marchaland
  • Paul “NURIX” Villemont.

The team qualified for the HCS Raleigh Major via the European qualifiers losing only to Cartel. 

“It was clear since Quadrant’s inception that Lando wanted to have an esports roster to follow and support, and with Halo Infinite’s impressive launch last month we have found the perfect place to do just that.”

Jamie MacLaurin, Chief Sporting Officer, Quadrant.

Halo esports is set to take a major step forward with the kickoff Raleigh Major. 32 of the best Halo Infinite teams from across the world will take part in this $250,000 event.

Halo Infinite has had a successful launch and developers 343 industries have shown an inclination to constantly improve the experience for players. The developers are already working on allowing players to select certain playlists, a near-unanimous demand by the community. 

Quadrant entering Halo esports adds to a long list of popular esports organizations entering the title. HCS Raleigh already features teams such as OpTiC, eUnited, Cloud9, Natus Vincere and more.

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