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Smash streamer Nairo announces return to content creation starting April 8th cover image

Smash streamer Nairo announces return to content creation starting April 8th


Smash Streamer Nairo will make his return to Smash Content Creation starting April 8th through Youtube Livestream following a hiatus since July.

Nairoby 'Nairo' Quezada has released his second video since facing Smash community backlash in July for allegations of sexual misconduct. After his return to Youtube through a video titled, “Update: Moving Forward”, the Smash Bros personalities second update details that he will begin creating content once again starting Thursday April 8th. However, a return to Twitch streaming is highly unlikely.

Stream limitations in return to smash content?

While the Smash streamer is starting to get unbanned from several different tournament organizers, his lifetime ban with Twitch seems set for life which extends far past him just being able to stream on the platform.
“Twitch has rules in place that don’t allow a streamer to be featured on another Twitch stream or that streamer could face a ban as well” Nairo explains in the video. “If we want to play against each other, like how we used to on other character releases, we won’t be able to do that anymore if they are streaming on Twitch.” Nairo concludes.
While Nairo would have these limitations put in place, he would still be able to play with other streamers as long as they themselves are not currently streaming. So creating Youtube videos withTwitch streamers or inviting players to his stream would be something possible for Nairo.

Nairo’s break from competitive smash likely to continue

Since facing allegations, many movements to get Nairo unbanned trend on Twitter have surfaced which will make his return to content creation more seamless than his improbable return to Smash competitively.
Due to Twitch being a main platform for streaming competitive Smash tournaments, many tournament organizers could get in trouble if they were to feature Nairo on stream. When Twitch was asked directly by esports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau about Nairo’s ban being lifted, they responded with “no comment”.
With the aforementioned allegations legally dealt with behind the scenes and a document of community-gathered evidence compiled of social media posts and text messages arguably painting Smash Streamer Nairo in a somewhat different light than in June, we've already seen multiple entities lift their bans on the former pro competitor. 
The current Twitch ban will continue to pester Nairo’s return, but it is one the Smash player is ready to take on and work past.
“It’s just something I am going to have to continue to deal with and that’s why I’m going to try and get my channel back.” Nairo states.
Smash streamer Nairo is currently taking small steps in his return to Smash Bros after the sexual misconduct allegations in July. With his return video to content creation being well received by the community, it will be interesting to see how the former NRG star navigates the early stages of his return starting April 8th.
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