Players will also receive this week’s ultimate reward, Sigil Mark VII Visor for free.

After the community’s criticism over the Halo Infinite battle pass progression, the game’s developers have announced a few key changes to the system. Changes include granting XP for playing games as well as tweaks to the Weekly Challenges, some of which were absurdly difficult. XP Boosts will also receive an increase thereby making it easier to get those legendary tier items in Season 1.

After near-unanimous community feedback, the Halo Infinite devs have finally made some changes to the battle pass progression system. Halo Infinite has received widespread acclaim for its gameplay and design. While players are enjoying the game, there is one aspect that no one seemed to enjoy, the Battle Pass. 

The Halo Infinite battle pass granted XP only on completion of pre-determined tasks. There are daily tasks as well as weekly tasks, but some weekly tasks seemed very difficult to pull off. Meanwhile, most of the game’s legendary rewards are locked away at higher levels in the battle pass adding to the players’ frustration.

What's new in the Halo Infinite battle pass?

Earlier Halo Infinite community manager, John Junyszek, had confirmed changes are on the way to ensure a more favorable progression system for Halo Infinite. 

To address the biggest community concern, Halo Infinite players will now receive XP if they complete a match. This ensures that they can progress through the battle pass without having to worry about completing specific daily or weekly challenges. 

Playing a match only grants 50XP so completing challenges is still the preferred way to rank up your battle pass. Most weekly challenges grant 200-250 XP and are crucial to leveling up in the game.

Small Changes to Weekly Challenges

The Weekly challenges are currently the best way to ensure you rank up in the battle pass. But some challenges in the battle pass make it impossible for players to enjoy the game without having to worry about the battle pass progression.

Challenges such as killing enemy Spartans with specific weapons make it extremely difficult to level up.

As a result of these changes, all progress on active Daily and Weekly Challenges will need to be reset, however, all players who sign-in between November 23-30 will receive this week's Ultimate Reward: the Sigil Mark VII Visor

Because of these changes, the player’s progression towards the weekly reward will have to be reset. The developers are granting every player this week’s reward, Sigil Mark VII Visor.

XP boosts will now have increased duration

"Additionally, XP Boosts will now last for 1 hour rather than 30 minutes. The in-game tooltip may continue to show 30 minutes as their expected duration, but the Boost's timer will start from 60 minutes once activated."

These changes are definitely a step in the right direction to appease the community. Whether this is enough for the community or more changes need to be made, only time will tell. Halo Infinite Esports will kickstart in December with the HCS.

Halo Infinite is available to play on XBOX and PC 

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