A great game but its so frustrating for players to grind the battle pass.

Halo Infinite has had an amazing start with over 250,000 players on Day 1. While the community’s reception of the game has generally been positive, there is one issue where the vast majority seems to agree. The Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression is woefully frustrating for players. 

The Battle pass costs $10 and features daily and weekly rewards for players. With some amazing legendary content on offer, players want to reach higher levels as soon as they can. But that’s where Halo Infinite stops them in their tracks. 

Halo Fans Complain of Battle Pass Progression

The Battle Pass has some really good cosmetics at the higher levels. But players have been struggling to level up in Halo Infinite. Even though the Battle pass does not expire, which means you can always pick it up in later seasons as well, not everyone is patient enough to wait for so long.

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Screengrab via Reddit.

Now the Halo Infinite battle pass gives out experience based on challenges completed and not on the numbers of matches played/won. Even if you had the best game of your life, you would still see an increase of 100-200 XP after the game. Which is frustrating for most players. 

Challenges that are oddly specific such as ‘kill five enemy Spartans with the Sidekick pistol’ remove the fun from the game. In order to progress in the battle pass, players often have to play with the intent of completing these challenges in-game. 

The Halo Subreddit has been near-unanimous in its displeasure over the battle pass progression. Reddit user l7arkSpirit posted a timeline of the subreddit’s posts and the accompanying comments. 

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Image Credit: l7arkSpirit on Reddit.

Players have daily and weekly challenges to complete to earn XP. While Daily challenges are relatively easy to complete, weekly challenges can become somewhat cumbersome. Challenges include completing matches with a particular weapon or killing enemies with one. While these challenges might not seem very difficult, the onus of completing challenges to secure XP is very tiring. Players might have to revert to using disadvantageous weapons to complete the challenge. No one likes that.

Fantastic match, but Very Little XP...

A player could have a very close game where they capture the flag with seconds to go, but then they go out of the game only to find their XP bar increasing by a few 100s. With most of the exciting rewards locked at higher levels of the battle pass, it will take users quite some time to reach these levels. 

343 Industries might not make any changes to the current progression system of the battle pass though. With Season 1 ending in May 2022, Halo Infinite players will have to grind their way to reach those high levels in the battle pass. 

Will Halo Infinite Change Battle Pass Progression?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. But also Maybe. In their September blog, 343 Industries clarified their stance on battle pass progression.

We have heard community feedback around wanting more progression options including things like “match XP” to feed into the Battle Pass and an entirely separate, incremental system. Expanding Multiplayer progression offerings is something the team is actively exploring, and we look forward to continuing to evolve the experience in future seasons post-launch.   

Earlier today, however, 343 tweeted they were closely monitoring the battle pass progression system. With the near-unanimous discontent, the developers might come up with some changes very soon.

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