Despite having a name that will make most hardcore Halo fans shudder in fear, the Winter Contingency event kicks off the holidays with festive rewards.

Today in Halo Infinite you might realize that things have become a tad bit more festive. The newest and most jolly of the multiplayer events, Winter Contingency, has dropped with an arsenal of new customizations for the player to unlock, however, it is a bit different this time around.

Instead of earning rewards in a concurrent battle pass, this event is going to work more like a holiday advent calendar, you will unlock one reward each day, but instead of chocolate, a toy, or a treat of any kind, you will be getting skins for your deadly weapons or power armor.

How to earn rewards in the Winter Contingency event?

This event works a bit different than the Tenrai event where you had to do challenges and play fiesta to earn your loot, to earn these rewards, of course, you must play one multiplayer game a day, even if its just bot boot camp, there are also no swaps or XP boosts in the pass.

In the 'advent calendar,' there are a total of 10 items for you to claim every day. The first item being the Wild Justice nameplate which features a festive-looking Spartan helmet. So if you've been wanting a new nameplate, look no further. The rewards include the festive ‘Peppermint Laughter’ coatings for your armor and weapons along with new shoulder pieces, emblems, and more!

343 Industries also wanted to assure players that even if they miss a couple of days, there are some make-up days at the end that allow you to claim any items that you missed. The Halo Infinite Winter Contingency event runs from December 21st to January 3rd, so be sure to claim your new gear as soon as possible!

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