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Go to Hell in June with Diablo 4 and its 30 silver worth of pre-order editions cover image

Go to Hell in June with Diablo 4 and its 30 silver worth of pre-order editions


Hell beckons and so does Diablo 4 and its pre-order offers on its various editions, all coming in June of 2023.

It's been a hot minute since we've dipped our toes into the River Styx, so good thing a June 2023 release date for Blizzard's Diablo 4--along with some delightfully hellish pre-order offers on its various editions. The full announcement came during The Game Awards 2022--at some point between esports getting 30 seconds to itself and Bill Clinton getting a shoutout--along with a new trailer. Check that out below while we contemplate our past sins.

Diablo 4 pre-order offers and editions

June 6, 2023 is coming soon. That means to get that Diablo 4 pre-order in now, lest you miss out on a variety of bonuses. The various include some World of Warcraft-tinged goods for Diablo III, cosmetics in the mobile Diablo Immortal, and a unique flying mount in World of Warcraft. Check out the full list below. Make note that the Seasonal Battle Pass comes with both the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition of the game. All in all, not a bad deal for something as simple as YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL a little bit of coin.

Heck yeah, Diablo

While it's been ten years since Diablo III, we do know about what's in store this time around. Straight from Blizzard's mouth: "The endless battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on as chaos threatens to consume Sanctuary. With ceaseless demons to slaughter, countless Abilities to master, nightmarish Dungeons, and Legendary loot, this vast, open world brings the promise of adventure and devastation. Survive and conquer darkness – or succumb to the shadows."
Remember to repent by coming back to for all your future Diablo 4 news and notes.
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