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The Game Awards interrupted by weird man who shouts out Bill Clinton, promptly gets arrested cover image

The Game Awards interrupted by weird man who shouts out Bill Clinton, promptly gets arrested


A by the numbers night at The Game Awards came to a crashing halt when an unknown individual took the stage to shout out… Bill Clinton? Let’s look.

A typical night of 30-seconds of screen time for esports and mass marketing at the 2022 The Game Awards ended on a weird note as an unknown individual took to the stage and shouted out, um, Bill Clinton. The moment happened on the tail end of Elden Ring winning the night's award for Game of the Year, just as From Software and Elden Ring producer Hidetaka Miyazaki finished his acceptance speech.
Then things got weird, y'all.

Bill Clinton: Not at The Game Awards

The lone wanderer was spotted as coming up with the entourage of From Software once the award was announced, but as these things go when security is lax said person just aimlessly followed the group on stage. Considering the group of men that got up all at once it would be easy to see why the person in question was able to not only slip by, but was assumed to be with the group given that the technical crew brought the walk-off music back up and left the microphone on.

And then, allegedly the man gave a shout out to... Bill Clinton, former President of the United States.

I think uh... I want to nominate this award to uh... My reformed Orthodox Rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you, everybody!

Some weird arrested man
The individual ended up in police custody according to a Twitter post by host Geoff Keighley. While no leads available nor questions answered, one does have to wonder if this is just the curse of Game of the Year presenter and Hazelight Studios founder Josef Fares. The man's past antics and exploits at The Game awards have made headlines before, but typically it's for expressive profanity and not for footage that will now go down as the gamer version of the Zapruder Film.
Stay tuned to for any more news on this event.
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