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All of the Esports category winners at The Game Awards 2022 cover image

All of the Esports category winners at The Game Awards 2022


The Game Awards 2022 preshow announced winners in all of its Esports categories, with many victories for Valorant and Riot Games.

Before The Game Awards 2022 officially began, a half-hour long preshow took center stage with details regarding several new and upcoming games. In addition, multiple awards had their winners revealed. While The Game Awards 2022 is inclusive to all of gaming, it decided to dish out the Esports awards prior to the main showcase. Esports deserves a place in the spotlight, but regardless, it was a near sweep for Riot Games.
You can catch the results of the Esports Awards 2022 here.

Every Esports award winner announced during the preshow of The Game Awards 2022

The very first award of the night could have had esports implications. It was for Best Mobile Game with Apex Legends Mobile as a nominee. Instead, the award went to Marvel Snap. From there, they moved to Best Fighting Game and several Esports related awards.
(Image via The Game Awards)
(Image via The Game Awards)
Here are those winners:
  • Best Fighting Game: MultiVersus
  • Best Esports Game: Valorant
  • Best Esports Athlete: Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker
  • Best Esports Team: LOUD
  • Best Esports Coach: Matheus "bzkA" Tarasconi
  • Best Esports Event: 2022 League of Legends World Championship
MultiVersus has garnered a growing community since its release. It includes a long list of characters from WB properties, such as LeBron James, Batman, and Scooby Doo just to name a few. The rest of the esports categories at The Game Awards 2022 went to Riot Games or those affiliated with a Riot title.

Riot Games dominates The Game Awards 2022 for Esports

Riot Games has done everything it can to create epic esports titles. From League of Legends to Valorant, the developer has two of the most exciting esports games in the world. League of Legends has dominated the scene for years and Valorant's rapid growth cannot be understated.
The dedication to competitive gaming has paid off at The Game Awards 2022. Valorant won the award for Best Esports Game and 2022 Worlds took home Best Esports Event. Sandwiched between those were a player, organization, and coach who all played their hearts out in Valorant throughout the year.
(Image via The Game Awards)
(Image via The Game Awards)
LOUD and its coach, bzkA (who now coaches for MIBR), took home the trophy at Valorant Champions 2022. Then there is yay, who many argue is the best Valorant player in the world. The former OpTic Gaming and now Cloud9 star earned Best Esports athlete after placing Top 3 in every international event he competed in during 2022.
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Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore
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Brandon "Mothman" Moore is an esports journalist based in the United States. He has a heavy background in FPS titles, including professional Valorant coverage from day one. Brandon is a family man who loves writing, gaming, and catching a baseball game.