Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 is officially here… So what’s new? cover image

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 is officially here… So what’s new?

The battle for the Zero Point ensues, as Fortnite releases season 2 of chapter 3.

The new Fortnite season, titled 'Chapter 3: Season 2: Resistance' is officially here. Players can now drop onto the island and face off against one another.

But what is new with this season? Don't worry, we have got you covered.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 adds no building

From the start of Fortnite, one of the biggest factors that made it stand out from other games was its popular building mechanic. Players have been able to accumulate building materials throughout the map, and then use those materials to protect themselves.

This has been taken away from us... well at least for the next nine days.

Popular character 'Doctor Slone' has officially removed building throughout the island and players have to work together to bring it back. This add-on is only in casual game-modes and does not take place in competitive playlists and creative playlists.

Doctor Strange leads the way in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

The popular Marvel hero 'Doctor Strange' has made its way into the Fortnite universe. As the main skin in the new battle-pass, players can now work their way up the levels to play as Stephen Strange.

This collaboration with Fortnite comes only two months before the release of Marvel's new movie 'Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness'. This would not be the first time Fortnite has collaborated with Marvel in anticipation of a new movie.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 map changes

A new Fortnite season always brings a change throughout the map. This season is no different. Massive blimps can be seen hovering over the map, showing that the IO is watching closely over players.

With the addition of the blimps, there are now territories held throughout the map, making this season an all-out war. Players will fight throughout the season to attempt to make the IO less dispersed and push them all towards the middle.

As for major map changes, there are not many, but this could easily change throughout the season.

Players can now parkour!

In season one of chapter three, Fortnite had added the new sliding mechanic. Now, in season two, they are adding a completely new style of tactical sprint gameplay. This allows players to perform more diverse actions when running around.

This feature not only is new to Fortnite but is something we have not seen with many other battle royales. Whether or not this changes the way the game is played, has yet to be determined, but it is something that players will definitely have to adapt to.

Roll around in tanks in the new Fortnite season

We have had planes, cars, ballers, and now tanks. Fortnite has officially added a brand new vehicle. Players can roll around the island in heavy artillery tanks.

This goes strictly along with the 'Resistance' story mode, as these tanks were meant to help fight the IO. Players will also be able to utilize these tanks when fighting each other.

Dropping in with another teammate will make operating the tanks much more feasible, considering you will need one person to drive, while another shoots. Whether or not these are vehicles that will stay in the game the whole season is yet to be determined.

Overall, have fun with the new season!

Fortnite has always been about change. Every season something new is added, as something old is taken away. This has been a great way to allow players to learn to adapt to all new styles of gameplay.

Fortnite knows how to keep the game from getting stale, and they have shown us that time and time again. Utilize this time to learn the map, learn the new weapons, and overall just have a fun time.

The excitement is real as Fortnite continues to set the bar high for its players and gamers all around the world.

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