It’s a creative map experience and not endorsed by Epic Games.

BBC studios has announced today that The Doctor is landing in Fortnite. Players can compete in missions, adventures and battles. However, this is not a Fortnite collaboration as players will need to go to the creative mode to enter The Doctor Who universe in Fortnite.

Doctor Who in Fortnite!!

“Developing an island in Fortnite is new territory for Doctor Who and we’re excited to welcome the game’s established players into the Whoniverse. This is a great opportunity to introduce a gaming audience to Doctor Who and also for the existing community to experience a brand-new adventure. Players can expect a fast-paced, unpredictable journey with familiar friends and foes making appearances along the way.”

Mat Way, Global Director, Gaming & Interactive at BBC Studios.

The game starts on the TARDIS Landing Site where players will find the TARDIS and start their quest to gather the Dynamorphic Generator Crystals from around the hub island in order to repair it. Players have to find parts to help repair the generators.

The Kerblam man looks on as you experience box fighting.

After the repairs at the TARDIS Landing site, there’s several more locations for the players to explore. They can go to the Kerblam on the moon of Kandoka where they will fight in boxes. All of this while the Kerblam man looks on. 

The Escape map puts players on a mission to find ten mechanical parts to escape the ship. Apparently, there’s an alien, Pting, that is eating the ship’s system. Obviously, we don’t want the ship to be eaten while we are inside it. 

Then there’s the Reality virus. As the name suggests, there are multiple realities and players can choose to a team and their weapon loadout to fight for either the Time Lords or the Daleks.

How to play Doctor Who in Fortnite?

Players have to repair Tardis in one of their first missions on the map.
Players have to repair Tardis in one of their first missions on the map.

Players need to enter the Creative mode to play the various missions and adventures of Doctor Who. The Doctor Who experience is not a Fortnite event, but a custom created map. It offers players various islands and some unique experiences.

While Epic Games has had multiple collaborations with pop culture artists and personalities, this new map is not endorsed by the Fortnite creator. In fact, BBC’s video and website clearly announce that Epic Games does not sponsor, endorse or administer this independently created Fortnite experience. 

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