Epic Games and XBOX to donate to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts cover image

Epic Games and XBOX to donate to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts


If you are planning to buy something using real money, do it before April 3.

Epic Games has announced it will donate two weeks of proceeds from Fortnite to the humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. Joining them in this effort is XBOX, who will also donate their net proceeds.

All proceeds from March 20, 2022 through April 3, 2022 will go towards humanitarian relief efforts for people affected by the war in Ukraine, said Epic.

How is Epic Games helping Ukraine?

All real money purchases over this two-week period will go towards the humanitarian efforts. This includes all V-bucks purchases, battle passes (and gifted ones as well), subscriptions and more. Retail gift cards that are redeemed during this two-week period will also contribute towards the donated amount. 

The Fortnite developer has also listed out the relief organizations it will support as part of this effort. They are on the ground providing emergency aid, including health support, food and clean water, essential supplies, legal aid, and shelter.

Funds will go to several programs including:

  • Direct Relief.
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • The United Nations Children’s Fund.
  • The World Food Programme.

Relief effort won't affect Support-a-creator program

Epic Games’ support a creator program allows creators to earn affiliate revenues if buyers use their code while making purchases. One of the questions that many players had as Epic Games announced these efforts was if it would affect the creator program. 

This program doesn’t alter Creator earnings. Epic will separately fund all Creator affiliate payments from code usage between March 20, 2022 and April 3, 2022, so that all of Epic’s Fortnite proceeds earned during that time period can be distributed to humanitarian relief organizations.

On the Support-A-Creator program, Epic Games clarifies.

Epic Games has also revealed that it will send the funds as quickly as possible. They won’t wait for the actual funds to come through, instead, as soon as the funds are reported, Epic Games will log them and send the money to the relief organizations.

Earlier this month, Epic Games had announced it is stopping all commerce in Russia as a result of the country's unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

This announcement comes after several organizations in esports have contributed towards the relief efforts in Ukraine. ESL and the Louvre agreement partners announced they will contribute $125,000 towards the relief efforts.

Fortnite Season Chapter 3, Season 2 starts today even as fans wait with excitement for new content and possible map changes. It is a grand gesture by the Fortnite maker as all proceeds over the next few days will help people in Ukraine. Earlier this month, BBC announced a special creative map that would take fans to the land of Tardis. 

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