The amount will go to orgs such as UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross and more.

Today members of the Louvre agreement have agreed to donate $125,000 in support of people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The amount will go to key disaster relief services by organizations working to aid affected people.

“The amount raised will be donated to key disaster relief services including UNHCR, MSF, Amnesty International and The Red Cross.”

Commissioner of the ESL Pro League Alexander Inglot

What is the Louvre Agreement?

The Louvre agreement was signed between ESL and several partner teams in 2020. The list of partner teams included some of the biggest orgs in CS: GO including but not limited to G2 esports, FaZe Clan, NiP, Astralis, Team Liquid, Vitality and more. The agreement was later extended till 2025 as teams remain invested in the agreement and can look forward to exploring more monetize opportunities. 

FPX agrees to pay salary of affected Ukrainian player

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, FunPlus Phoenix had allegedly refused to pay the salary of one of its players. The player in question, former CS: GO pro Ange1, had fled Ukraine due to the ongoing Russian invasion. The founder of Prodigy Agency first revealed this information on Twitter. 

However, the FPX has agreed to pay the player his salary after reconsidering the situation. 

The situation has been resolved & FPX will pay the full salary of the player for as long as needed, without asking him to play.

The CEO of FPX did apologize in person to us.

It means a lot, thanks to FPX & everyone for the support. Safety is the only thing that matters.

Jerome Coupez

Russian invasion of Ukraine has been one of the most devastating wars of this century. The invasion began on February 24 and is still ongoing at the time of writing. Meanwhile, thousands of citizens have been affected, being forced to flee their country to ensure safety. With billions of dollars in damage, the country’s infrastructure is ravaged by the supposed ‘special mission’.

The impact of the war has made its presence felt in esports as well. Multiple players and organizations are based out of Russia and Ukraine. Even the world prays for the return of peace and a bit of common sense in our world leaders, it is the common people that have their lives changed forever. 

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