Titled Towers is back, and a lot of popular streamers along with it!

It is the year 2018. You and your buddies just heard of a new area added to Fortnite called Tilted Towers, but you have absolutely no idea what it is, so you decide to drop there.

Nothing will ever be able to beat that first experience of dropping into Tilted Towers alongside your buddies. All of you are ready to take on an entire Fortnite lobby. But you know what comes in at a close second? Dropping into Tilted after it has been gone for two years.

The pure excitement has been like no other this week. Fortnite players are rushing to get a taste of the massive city and experience some of the high-stakes gameplay that comes along with it.

The G.O.A.T. Returns!

Coming in hot, Tilted Towers has also brought in some of the classic streamers that we all used to watch dominate the back in the day. Streamers such as NickMercs, who primarily plays games like Apex and Call of Duty, joined in on the fun this week in Tilted Towers.

If you Build it, They will come!

Popular Youtube streamer, CouRageJD, tweeted out on Tuesday, January 18th, "Tilted Towers is BACK. Fortnite is BACK". This created an exciting aroma for people that used to watch CouRageJD tear up the Fortnite battlefield back in the day. Alongside him, popular Twitch streamers such as Ninja and SypherPK joined in on the excitement.

Regardless of whether you still play Fortnite or not, the addition of Tilted Towers is an exciting feature that is bringing countless old players back to the game. Will Fornite continue to re-add some of the classic POI's that we loved in the past? With the exhilaration created from Tilted Towers, I think it is safe to say they will.

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