The return of Tilted Towers headlines the changes in Patch v19.10. The return brings back old Fortnite stars Ninja and Nickmercs.

One of the most beloved and memorable POIs, Tilted Towers, returned to Fortnite. Patch v19.10 introduced several changes to the game, including Tilted, Klombos, Grenade Launchers, and more! Check out everything new in the update.

Fortnite brings back Tilted Towers in new update

The frozen towers in the middle of the map looked suspiciously like a former POI. From the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 1, several leakers shared that Tilted Towers would make a comeback during the season. Now, those leaks became reality as the most famous POI in Fortnite is back in the most recent update. Not only did Tilted return, but it is exactly like the original.

This update is certain to see a huge surge in players, with Fortnite already leading the Battle Royale genre for viewership.

Much like the old days, Tilted Towers is the spot to land. Everyone wants to check out the new drop. Every single game, the location turns into chaos as 20+ players fly into Tilted. The return of Tilted Towers also brought back several prominent streamers, such as CourageJD, Nickmercs, and Ninja.

A shot of the Tilted Towers Bell Tower, only the brave landed upon it back in the day.

Tilted Towers is already a popular drop zone just like it was back in the "good old days".

On day one, everyone is loving the update. Tilted Towers brings players back to the nostalgic times they experienced years ago. Many people created their own memories within Fortnite at this POI. Now, the same feelings and fun return.

When was Tilted Towers destroyed?

The classic Tilted Towers location was removed from Fortnite at the beginning of Season 8 back in early 2019 following a Volcano eruption on the map. Retail Row was another unfortunate victim of the natural disaster. The location has since been reinvented as the futuristic Neo-Tilted in Season 9, as well as Tilted Town and Gotham City in Season 10.

Klombos enter the island along with Klomberries

A gigantic creature roams the Fortnite island after Patch v19.10. The Klombos are friendly creatures and share materials, weapons, ammo, and more. If shot at, the Klombo turns into an angry beast that shoots fireballs and stomps around.

The Klombos are invincible and can be calmed down by feeding them Klomberries. This will stop their rage and return them to a peaceful state. Players can also eat the Klomberries to restore health.

Competitive Updates in Patch v19.10

Not much changed for the competitive side of Fortnite in Patch v19.10. The key changes are balance changes to weapons, the addition of Shield Kegs and Armored Walls, and the defrosted Tilted Towers. This patch should not change the game much, outside of adding more loot via Tilted.

Both Shield Kegs and Armored Walls provide players interesting options to use during end games. These items were initially in regular game modes. Now, the top players will push the limits of these items and find unforeseen uses for them.

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