Early Season 8 Fortnite Tips and Tricks. Learn the best early strategies and techniques to gain an edge over your opponents.

The new Fortnite Season 8 kicked off and now it is time to find ways to get ahead of the competition. This article will provide you with tips and tricks for Season 8. You will learn everything from shadow rock rotation strategies to Slone's Mythic Burst to gold changes, and llama strategies.

How to find Slone's Burst Assault Rifle (Mythic AR)

Doctor Slone moved from her previous home underneath Corny Complex. She made a new home to the West of Dirty Docks. You can find her wandering around next to the bridge with her Mythic Burst Assault Rifle. Previously, there was nothing at this location.

The weapon sometimes referred to as an AUG, shreds opponents. It has an extremely high damage output. If you can, try to acquire this weapon during games. Early in the season, players will not know to rotate or land near this area. Over time, more and more players will begin to try to eliminate Doctor Slone for her Burst. You should use it now while Slone's location is still relatively unknown!

Check out the weapon's stats.

Slone's Burst Assault Rifle Stats in Fortnite Season 8:

  • Damage - 39 (78 per burst)
  • Headshot damage - 59
  • Fire rate - 4.58
  • Magazine size - 21
  • Reload time - 2.21
  • Ammo Type - Medium

How to use Shadow Rock and Shadow Flopper for rotations

Shadow Rocks are back in the game. They can be found all over the map at the various different crash sites (red areas). The rocks are a single-use consumable item that cannot be gathered. Therefore, you must use them immediately after consuming them. Both the Shadow Rock and Shadow Flopper last 60 seconds.

Shadow Floppers are found in fishing holes.
Shadow Floppers are found in fishing holes.

The Shadow items allow players to phase through buildings and objects. It is great to disengage from fights, rotations, and sneaking up on opponents. One way to improve the Shadow rotation is to combine it with a Slipstream. You can find the Shadow Rocks near Slipstreams, so why not combine the two?

Using this double movement strategy allows players to travel distances over 200 meters. The optimal rotation comes by eating a Shadow Rock or Flopper then jumping into the Slipstream. You shoot out of the top of the Slipstream in the direction you want to rotate. Then continuously press your phase button while facing at an upward angle. You will move up and forward then pop out of your shadow. When your shadow runs out, you can then pull your gilder. Make sure not to do this without the Slipstream. The Slipstream allows you to pull your glider. With just the Shadow item, you will take fall damage.

How to reveal future storm circles

This tip is fairly simple. As in previous seasons, NPC provides players opportunities to purchases various different heals, information, or weapons. This season is no different. The most helpful NPC in Season 8 is 'Pitstop.' Pitstop is located at the Boney Burbs gas station. The NPC allows players to reveal the location of the next Storm Circle for 175 gold. It is quite a lot of gold, but well worth it if you can find the gold.

Gold changes in Fortnite Season 8 - less gold overall

Quietly, gold was reduced throughout the map. At the start of Season 8, the prices of weapons, heals, and other items remained the same. This makes gold purchases more difficult and rare. Players still start with 50 gold per match.

Take a look at the new Vault gold. Previously, Vaults provided 150 gold upon opening. Now, the gold was cut in half.

The same goes for beds, cash registers, ATMs, and couches. They all provide half the amount of gold they did last season. This change makes gold more valuable. One of the biggest items this affects is the Sniper Rifle. They can only be purchased at Vending Machines or the Misty Meadows NPC. Snipers cannot be found in chests or floor loot. Since gold decreased, this further limits the number of Snipers on the map. The changes made them nonexistent.

That's it for our tips and tricks but not the end of our content on Fortnite Season 8! Check out all the map changes and get up to speed on this season's competitive FNCS Circuit.