Season 8 FNCS details were released. Find out the dates, format, prize pool and more about additional tournaments.

The first Competitive Blog Post of the season was released on September 8. Fortnite shared details about the Season 8 FNCS, Console Champions Cup, FNCS Grand Royale, DreamHack, Cash Cup and more events yet to be released. Fortnite Season 8 appears full of tournaments and events. From the first week of October until November 26, Fortnite scheduled events every week.

FNCS Season 8 - Format, Dates, and Prize Pool

FNCS Season 8 is shorter than the previous seasons. Instead of a three-week qualifier, Season 8 only holds two. This means less opportunity for players to qualify for Grand Finals. The overall Qualifier format remains the same with a small change. Since there are fewer weeks, the Top 5 per Qualifier will advance straight to the Grand Finals.

The biggest change this FNCS comes during Semi-Finals. Usually, Semi-Finals consist of three to four heats. Then players advance into the Grand Finals based on their performance in Heats. This season Semi-Finals are separated into two days.

  • Day 1
    • 66 total trios
    • Two Heats
    • 4 matches per Heat
    • Top 4 trios per Heat advance to Grand Finals
  • Day 2
    • 58 total trios
    • Two Heats
    • Reboot Round style matches
      • Winner of the match advances to Grand Finals
    • 6 matches per Heat
    • 12 total trios advance to Grand Finals

The format change has players questioning the purpose. A few other players have stated their disliking of the Semi-Finals format.

Epic Games has made very few changes to the FNCS format until this season. With a shorter season and a new format, new trios look poised to make a leap. If a team can reach the Semi-Finals, all they need to do is win a match.

FNCS Season 8 Dates

The Season 8 FNCS schedule is packed into three weeks full of competition. FNCS begins on October 15 and ends on October 31.

Qualifier 1
October 15-17
Qualifier 2
October 22-24
October 28-29
Grand Finals
October 30-31
Season 8 FNCS Schedule

FNCS Season 8 Prize Pool

This seasons prize pool is distributed exactly the same as the Season 7 FNCS prize pool. The total prize pool for FNCS Season 8 is $3,000,000.

Season 8 FNCS Prize Pool Distribution

DreamHack Open and Cash Cup Extras return in Season 8

The other staple of Competitive Fortnite remains DreamHack events. DreamHack supplements the regular FNCS season with four additional tournaments. This season, the Cash Cup Extras are spread out so there is one per month. Once again, DreamHack's focus continues to be in Europe and North America East. Both of those regions will receive three Cash Cup Extras and one DreamHack Open.

The exact details of the DreamHack events have yet to be released. Currently, the only info available are the dates.

Season 8 DreamHack Open and Cash Cup Extra Dates

Cash Cup Extra #1
Oct 1
Cash Cup Extra #2
Nov 3
Cash Cup Extra #3
Dec 1
DreamHack Open - Europe
Oct 7 – 10
DreamHack Open - NA East
Oct 7 – 10

What is FNCS Grand Royale?

The blog post announced a new tournament called FNCS Grand Royale. This tournament brings together any player that reached a set FNCS lobby throughout this year (Qualifier Round 4, Semi-Finals, or Finals). The event begins on November 12 and stretches over two weeks. The format and details are still unknown. Fortnite did release the prize pool of $5,000,000. As the event approaches, more information will be released.

Cash Cup, Console Champions Cup, and more!

In addition to these major tournaments, there are a number of smaller events planned for Season 8. Trio Cash Cups return to their regular Monday schedule on October 4. Then Solo Cash Cups also begin on October 3 and continue every Sunday throughout the rest of the season.

Console tournaments are not going anywhere! The blog post mentions that the Console Champions Cup is set for November 5-7. Additionally, Fortnite plans to host "console-specific tournaments" for players to compete against players on the same consoles.

Lastly, the post leaves plenty of room for more tournaments. The end of the article teases a new "series of Outfit Cups" that will be featured in Season 8. No more details were released, but there surely will be more tournaments coming to Fortnite!