The streak continues for Cented, Edgey, and Commandment as they take their fourth straight 2nd place finish in NAE FNCS Grand Finals.

The 2nd place curse continues as Cented, Edgey and Commandment claim yet another 2nd place finish. A surprising new trio won the NAE FNCS Grand Finals. Dukez, Justice and Userz won their first FNCS Grand Finals. Rounding out the top 3 were fan favorites, Plege, Tabz, and Teyo. Many favorites fell short of expectations, including last season's winners as this season saw a ton of volatility at the top of leaderboards.

Welcome the NAE FNCS Champions - Dukez, Justice and Userz

From Heats until now, "Justice," Dukez" and "Userz" looked impressive. They won their Heat while landing at Catty Corner. Then the trio came into FNCS Grand Finals as a sleeper pick to perform well. Even in their most favorable predictions, no one expected this trio to win NAE.

In Day 1, the trio made a statement. Another trio contested them off-spawn. The opposing trio landed at Catty Corner in the first four matches. Justice, Dukez, and Userz eliminated them in all four games. From that point on, Justice, Dukez, and Userz had the POI all to themselves.

The trio did not wait long to make a statement during Grand Finals. In the second match of the day, they exploded for a 14 elimination Victory Royale. This win set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Justice, Dukez, and Userz were ready to compete for a championship.

They put together a streak of three amazing matches at the end of Day 1. This gave the trio a huge lead heading into the second day. They just needed to hang on and the title was theirs.

Day 2 did not start smoothly for Justice, Dukez, and Userz. In the first three games of Day 2, the trio placed 28th, 18th and 19th respectively. They eliminated zero players in those matches. It appeared the trio was falling apart. The team lost their lead and multiple others closed the gap. Eventually, it seems the players flipped a switch. In Game 10, Justice, Userz and Dukez finally made it into the end game.

It was a quiet Day 2, but the trio turned back up when it mattered most. After losing the lead, their 3rd place finish in the 10th match reclaimed the top spot. Now all they needed to do was hold on. Not only did they hold on, but they won in spectacular fashion. Dukez, Userz and Justice went on to win the final match of the season. This secured the overall tournament win and $135,000 in prizes.

Cented, Edgey and Commandment cannot escape the 2nd place curse

At first, the 2nd place curse started as a meme. Josh “Commandment” Roach, Evan “FaZe Cented” Barron, and Ben “NRG Edgey” Peterson finished in 2nd the past three FNCS Grand Finals. Surely, they would not finish in the same exact spot for a fourth season. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened! Both days, the trio was up and down. The hot and cold performance left viewers on the edge of their seats as no one knew how the tournament would finish.

Make no mistakes, Cented, Commandment and Edgey proved themselves as the most consistent trio in NAE. No one else has done what they have accomplished. A couple of trios placed inside the top 5 in more than one FNCS, but not a single trio holds an average FNCS finish of 2nd place. Their low ground playstyle has been a tried and tested strategy. They play the low ground better than anyone and they continue to push for more securing their advantage slowly but steadily.

NAE FNCS Grand Finals Leaderboard

1. Twitter DukezFN, DL Justice, twitter userzfn - $135,000 / $45,000 each.
2. TSM FTX Comadon, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey - $105,000 / $35,000 each.
3. TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V - $69,000 / $23,000 each.
4. Saf 1111, BBG KHANADA 200, Liquid STRЕTCН - $60,000 / $20,000 each.
5. LG Slackes, 1P Acоrnski, G2 Jаhq - $54,000 / $18,000 each.
6. SEN Aspect., Moon Cazz, OA Whofishy - $45,000 / $15,000 each.
7. FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles - $39,000 / $13,000 each.
8. C9 nosh, SEN BUGHADORF, C9 Avery - $24,000 / $8,000 each.
9. FaZe Megga., K2G Rocaine, FаZe Dubs ϟ - $15,000 / $5,000 each.
10. Visxals, LG Jonathan., C9 Fryst様 - $10,500 / $3,500 each .

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