Hycr1s and AsianJeff steal the show during their victories in the respective regions of the FNCS All-Star Play In.

The field is set for the FNCS All-Star Solo Championship. Each region concluded their Play In tournament this past weekend. Two favorites emerged from the crowd as they took home the top spot in their respective regions, AsianJeff and hycr1s. Now, all 100 players prepare for the Solo Championship on June 26.

Hycr1s and Veno lead the pack in Europe with a dominant performance

With a Victory Royale in the final match, "Hycr1s" won the European region. He secured himself a spot in the FNCS All-Star Solo Championship. Nine other players join Hycr1s from the All-Star Play In tournament. The rest of the pack comes from the previous FNCS tournaments this year. Although FNCS focused on Trios as the main game mode, the All-Star Championship gives players an opportunity to shine alone.

Hycr1s won the European Play In, but was far from perfect. In six matches, he only placed within the top 10 three out of six times. In fact, he even went down as early as 84th in the fourth match. On the other hand, Hycr1s expertly captured points when he could. Given the right conditions, he proved himself with a third place and first place finish. Those games propelled him to victory.

The final round of the All-Star Play In was inconsistent. Both the meta and solos lead to inconsistent play across the board. The top players already qualified and the remaining field battled for the top 10 spots to advance into the Championship.

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EU FNCS All-Star Play In Standings

The top 10 players from the EU FNCS All-Star Play In advance to the Solo Championship.
1. Hycr1s
2. solo veno
3. SeahorseW
4. vorTexr Ӝ
5. LootBoy Fastroki
6. TT9 PCH
7. SMS BelliX
8. Not BadSnipR
9. RAAD VoltiaX
10. Arrow PanixZ 7

AsianJeff narrowly edges out Sharkman in the final match

The NA East FNCS All-Star Play In tournament came down to the wire. Several players stood on the edge of victory as one match remained. Ultimately, "TNA AsianJeff" took home the Victory Royale and overall tournament win. Right behind him, "Sharkman," stood poised to take the victory, but fell three points short.

AsianJeff started poorly. He finished outside of the top 25 in the first three matches. He picked up a couple of eliminations along the way, but nothing of note. Then the TNA player turned it on during the second half. He adjusted his game to shoot himself up the leaderboard. AsianJeff finished with three great matches of fourth, thirteenth, and first place. This brought him from the bottom half of the leaderboard, all the way to the top.

NAE FNCS All-Star Play In Standings

The top 10 players from the NAE FNCS All-Star Play In advance to the Solo Championship.
1. tna ops scam me
2. TKGC Sharkman
3. squishrr
4. DL Justice
5. ʸᵗ OmG Me II ᵗᵗᵛ
6. Peterbot .
7. kwаh
8. TNG Okis
9. Chronic Shxn
10. Klayy 水

The stage is set for the biggest Solo Fortnite event of the year

For the entirety of 2021, the focus of Competitive Fortnite is and will be Trios. Next weekend's FNCS Solo Championship stands as the biggest Solo event of 2021. The best players from every region prepare to compete for their share of a $3 million dollar prize pool. Each region is separated, but players still can claim the top solo player title. The action begins on June 26 and will be broadcast across the official Fortnite channels, so be sure to tune in and enjoy the action!

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