EU FNCS Heats delivered incredible moments as trios qualified for the FNCS Grand Finals. Tayson in particular stood out amongst the rest as his trio took 1st place in Heat #2.

The European FNCS Semi-Finals delivered amazing moments. Tayson clutched a win as a solo. RedRush continues to quietly perform. Former World Cup qualifer, Wolfiez, returns to the Grand Finals. On the other hand, a few favorites missed the cut, including Benjyfishy in the EU FNCS Heats.

A silent demon win EU Heat 1 with two pop off matches

For many, the trio of Zygimantas "RedRush" Navickas, "FL7 Xsterioz," and "EV Mappi" never entered the conversation. In qualifiers, the team failed to reach Round 4 in any of the three weeks. This caused many in the community to forget about the former Squad FNCS winner in RedRush. Fortunately, the trio secured enough Series Points to qualify for the Semi Finals.

All RedRush, Xsterioz, and Mappi needed was an opportunity. Not only did they win Heat 1, but the trio also eliminated the most players in the Heat. Their impressive run started with a huge 13 elimination victory royale in the first match. This gave the trio a healthy lead to start off. From that point, the team consistently reach end games. Their worst match came in the third game with a 10th place finish.

In the end, the trio clutched up with 12 eliminations in the final match. They narrowly missed out on the victory royale, but they still secured enough points to win the Heat. RedRush and Xsterioz return to the FNCS Grand Finals. Their teammates, Mappi, joins them with his first FNCS Grand Finals appearance.

EU FNCS Heat 1 Standings

1. RedRush 123, FL7 xsterioz, EV Mappi
2. bloomadeal, perceval zZz, TomzyV1.siko
3. F9 Marvin, Esтy, Not BadSnipR
4. Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakie 7
5. MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces
6. Wave Joe, stompyrite, LootBoy Shadоw

Tayson, Nayte, and 4zr put on a show in FNCS Heat 2 with 22 elim win

Heading into FNCS, Jérémy “Grizi 4zr” Dang, Tai “Guild TaySon” Starčič, and Nathan” Grizi Nayte” Berquignol stood as one of the favorites. They failed to impress during Qualifiers and joined 98 other trios in Heats. None of that matters anymore. The trio confidently won and advance to the Grand Finals. Between the three, the team is stacked with FNCS Grand Finals experience.

4zr, Tayson, and Nayte returned to form in Heats. They started the round of with a 10 elimination win. Then continued to dominate with an 8 elimination 3rd place in the second match. Their pop off moment came through in the third match. The trio dropped 22 eliminations on their way to a Victory Royale. The highlight of the match came from Tayson. He clutched the win as a solo. First, he took down an entire trio. Then proceeded to 1v2 the last two players on his way to the win.

One of the stars of Fortnite, Benjyfishy failed to qualify in Heat 2. Benjy and his trio struggled to perform in the end game. They consistently made it through third and fourth zone, but could not put it together when it mattered. As a fan favorite and one of the biggest streamers, his absence in FNCS Grand Finals is notable.

EU FNCS Heat 2 Standings

1. Grizi 4zr, GUILD TaySon 7, nayte ム
2. LootBoy Queasy44, Glоrious TruleX, Wave Jur3ky
3. zеykoo, BeGenius Sun, beGenius Jules
4. Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn
5. AOS Nexxs, scriwy, fusіоnz
6. CL Sаfik, Siberiajkeе, CL iRezUmi

Heat 3 is full of surprises as favorites fail to qualify

A number of top trios in Heat 3 failed to finish in the top 6 positions to qualify for FNCS Grand Finals. Lnuef, Slix, and Merijn narrowly missed qualification by five total points. Another favorite Mexe, Michael, and Verox finished in 11th place, well outside of qualification. The final surprise came from Snagged, Packo, and Steelix. The trio qualified for last season's FNCS Grand Finals, but finished in the bottom half of their Heat.

This lack of favorites left opportunities for sleepers to qualify. "Hycr1s," "Vortex," and Tom "OVA Night" Schindler won the Heat. The trio started off extremely well with four straight top 10 placements, including a victory royale in the third match. This gave them a lead that held as they struggled in the final two matches. Over the last two games in the EU FNCS Heat 3, they only earned 35 out of their 185 total points. Nonetheless, Hycr1s, Vortex, and Night advanced to the FNCS Grand Finals.

EU FNCS Heat 3 Standings

1. hycr1s la baguet, vorTexr., OVA Night
2. Shaykoz., MCES DKS, GO grayinjo
3. Onyx johku, Monaco Anddone, exes.jetsku
4. LootBoy Slender, ALOFT Voidd, XL Wolfiez 03
5. MDS.meta, noetic skyzouw, LOSC XpeR
6. Wave Kikoo 97, NVD Skram, NaVi Putrick

Now teams wait for the FNCS Grand Finals roster to be finalized. Three more trios will join the stacked Finals via the Reboot Round. Historically, the Reboot Round delivers the most exciting performances of the Semi Finals weekend. You can watch all the regions on the official Fortnite stream.