A return to Fortnite OG in 2024 is imminent!

Fortnite OG is unquestionably the most successful season in the game’s six-year run. The Chapter 1 throwback season drew OG loyalists and new players to experience what caused Fortnite’s boom in popularity. With more than 44 million players upon its release and 100 million in November, Epic Games has officially announced that Fortnite OG will return in 2024.

Epic Games says Fortnite OG is on the 2024 roadmap

Featured Image: Epic Games
Featured Image: Epic Games

Although Fortnite Chapter 5 launches tomorrow following today’s The Big Bang event featuring Eminem, Epic Games could not ignore the interest in Fortnite OG. The game pulled record-breaking numbers during the Chapter 1 throwback, so much so that Fortnite’s social media channels boasted its success.

As a result of the “exceeded expectations,” Epic Games stated on Twitter/X that a return to Fortnite OG is in the works for 2024.

“Ngl [not going to lie] the OG season far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we’d like to bring it back… opens 2024 roadmap doc In the meantime, see you on the Battle Bus.”

@FortniteGame on X

Recently, it became public that Fortnite OG would not remain in a separate game mode following the launch of Chapter 5, which disappointed OG fans. However, a return to Chapter 1 will happen once again next year.

When will Chapter 1 of Fortnite come back?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Unfortunately, Epic’s tweet is a mere teaser of what is in development. While Fortnite OG will likely return in 2024, it’s unclear when this may happen. Furthermore, it’s challenging to say whether there will be another Fortnite OG season or if Epic plans to bring the OG map and weapons back as a separate game mode.

Although the details are unclear, Chapter 1 fans can rejoice that Epic Games has heard you and wants to make the OG experience a regular occurrence. We will be sure to update with any further details as they surface. For now, prepare for Chapter 5 and all that it has to offer.

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