Fortnite announced it had hit 100 million players during the month of November, breaking its previous record.

November was the month for Fortnite, that is for sure. The popular Battle Royale broke its own record earlier this month over 44 million players during the launch of OG Fortnite and is now setting another bar for the future of the game.

With over 100 million players on the game just in November, Fortnite has once again become one of the biggest video games in the world.

Over 100 million people played Fortnite in November 2023

OG Fortnite has simply brought the game back to its previous state, which pulled in a plethora of players. Everyone wanted a chance to drop off that Battle Bus and explore the Chapter 1 map that had created so many memories for gamers.

The game had originally reached over 44 million players in the first days of the release, and many expected it to dwindle out shortly. But to many's surprise, the game was able to hold a large amount of these players, while pulling in more throughout the month.

Coming right off the game's most recent large competitive event, the FNCS Global Championship, many were curious as to what the future of the game's ecosystem was going to look like. With no large competitive events scheduled for the future, the game was beginning to feel stale for many.

OG Fortnite though, which began at the very beginning of November, proved quite a few people wrong on just how relevant Fortnite still is in today's world.

What is next for Fortnite?

OG Fortnite is currently set to end tomorrow, December 2, with a massive event featuring Eminem. Many have questioned whether or not the game will be able to sustain the large number of players after leaving OG Fortnite.

The truth is, Fortnite is still just as good as a game as it was five to six years ago. The game simply has evolved and many people didn't like to see their favorite weapons and locations go, but the game is just as fun as it was back in 2018.

Hopefully, this month of growth for the game will keep gamers around as we go into Chapter 5.

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