When is the third Act of Crownfall coming?

Valve has been actively giving the Dota 2 community content - whether it be a massive game-shifting update or piles of lore, minigames, and rewards via the Crownfall chronicles. We are currently on Act II: The Deserts of Druud which released May 22. So when will the next chapter unlock? Here's everything we know about Crownfall Act III's release date and its contents.

Crownfall Act III release date

Valve revealed that Crownfall Act III will unlock in late June. But it may also face some delays as Valve itself is unsure of the exact release date, placing a witty question mark at the end of it.

The previous Crownfall Act II was also scheduled to release mid-May, but was pushed back a little towards the final week of the month. The gap between Crownfall Act I and Act II was roughly 38 days and if we follow the exact timeframe, Crownfall Act III will likely release on Saturday, June 29th.

What will arrive in Crownfall Act III?

The third chapter of Crownfall is titled The Frosts of Icewrack. The theme takes players into Icewrack, a known place in the Dota 2 lore where heroes like Crystal Maiden, Tusk, and Winter Wyvern reside. From the desert, we will seemingly move deeper into the Skywrath Mage x Vengeful Spirit lore journey and interact with these frosty heroes.

A depiction of Icewrack from DOTA: Dragon's Blood.
A depiction of Icewrack from DOTA: Dragon's Blood.

Crownfall's Act III will likely introduce a new set of tokens and features such as Scraps in Act II. Players are also hoping to see a new version of the fishing game in Crownfall.. Snow fishing? Ice fishing? Nonetheless, it'll be just as difficult if not more.

As usual, new lineup of quests and rewards will come in Act III. This likely includes more hero stickers, chatwheels, exclusive cosmetics, and the highly-anticipated Collector's Cache treasure.

But most excitingly (we are tired of saying this) the new Dota 2 hero, Ringmaster, might FINALLY be arriving. The hero is undoubtedly facing some extreme delays as it was scheduled to release in early 2024. We are now entering the mid-year with no information about the new hero. Could Crownfall Act III be the moment Ringmaster drops?

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