You can now vote for hero sets that you want featured in the Crownfall Collector’s Cache.

Valve has just announced the next Dota 2 Collector's Cache for Crownfall. A ton of passionate community artists have submitted their designs for hero sets. Now it's our turn to vote for our favorites!

There are a total of 248 hero sets to vote for in the Dota 2 client. The top and most popular heroes will be featured in the Crownfall Collector's Cache which you can purchase once released. Valve also highlighted that some of the people's favorites will be released "as part of a future Crownfall update."

Crownfall Collector's Cache: How to vote

Voting for the Crownfall Collector's Cache is incredibly simple. Log into your Dota 2 account and on the "Main Menu" you will spot a "Collector's Cache Voting" widget. It is located on the right side of your screen.

Once you click it, you will immediate see the voting page. The first hero set will be on display. Note that the sequence of hero sets display is random.

If you see a set that you love and would like to see released in Dota 2, click on the thumbs up button to give an upvote. Meanwhile, if there is a sets that isn't your cup of tea, click the thumbs down button to give a downvote. You are not required to give a vote to each and every set.

When is the voting deadline?

The voting period lasts until May 21st. Make sure to submit your upvotes and downvotes in the next two weeks before the period ends. It'll be exciting to see which hero sets will join the Crownfall Collector's Cache lineup and which sets will release in a separate Crownfall update.

We will keep you updated with more Crownfall and Dota 2 news, so stay tuned to!

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