Find out how to collect the Cactus Flower for Snapfire’s quest!

Snapfire's quest in the second act of Crownfall can be a challenge to complete. The first ingredient of Snapfire's Secret Recipe quest has players needing to find a cactus flower. Despite how simple it sounds, finding the Cactus to progress through Dota 2 Crownfall's second act can be a challenge. But fret not as we have the answers to acquiring the Cactus Flower for the quest.

Snapfire Cactus Quest Crownfall

Once players start their trek back across the ravine of the Crownfall Desserts of Druud map towards the top half of the map, they'll encounter Dota 2's favorite grandma. Snapfire will present a quest for players that they can't get out of. They'll need to acquire four different ingredients to create Snapfire's Cure All potion.

The first of the four ingredient's for Snapfire's Crownfall secret recipe is the Cactus flowers. Players won't need to look far as the cactus' needed for the ingredient list are right where you accept the quest!

All the Cacti needed to acquire the first ingredient for Snapfire's Cactus are right below the Candyworks Caravan. On each Cactus there is a small pink bud. There are a ton of buds, and they are all highlighted below:

To collect Snapfire's cactus ingredient for her Crownfall quest all players need to do is click the pink flower buds on the cactus. However there are several cactuses.

The location of the actual flower bud is a random flower bud. So, all you need to do press on each Cactus. Once pressed, the flower will either emerge or the flower were pester out. You'll know when you get the flower once there's a small bloom animation (and you receive a dialogue and token).

From there, all players need to do is head back to Dota 2's favorite Grandma Snapfire and give her the Cactus ingredient. She'll then send you to search for the next ingredient, the Demon Blood.

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