Don’t want to play boring heroes to get certain tokens? Scraps are the solution!

The Dota 2 7.36 patch is huge; introducing new mechanics called facets and innate abilities. Plus, players got a lot of changes to items and gameplay. What many may have overlooked is the new comic, tokens, and Druud scraps: Crownfall Act II is full of new content!

Let's focus on Druud scraps, Crownfall's new rewards that you can trade to get any tokens you want. They are easy to get, but you need to progress in the story to reveal the Scrap merchant.

How do I get Druud scrap?

As the in-game tutorial describes, scraps are rewards you'll get either you win or lose any game of Dota. Normal and ranked games award two scraps, while turbo mode gives only one.

  • While The Deserts of Druud is your active map, in addition to your hero tokens, you'll earn Scrap for every game of dota you play.
  • Every non-turbo game will reward two pieces of Scrap, win or lose. Every turbo game will reward one piece of Scrap. You can also find Scrap by exploring the map.
  • Six pieces of Scrap can be traded in the Token Trader for any single Act II hero token of your choice.
Dota 2 information on the How to play section for Scraps: Crownfall Act II

This doesn't mean you won't get the random token when you lose. Scraps are an addition to make getting tokens easier.

How do I trade tokens for Scraps in Crownfall?

On the Overworld map, progress through three dialogs with the requiered tokens to unlock the Scrap Merchant. There, you will be able to select the token of your preference and trade it for six scraps.

This encounter must be unlocked only once. After that, you can return as much as you need. The Scrap Merchant will be open until the end of Crownfall Act II.

A one-stop Oglodi shop for scrap and token trading.
A one-stop Oglodi shop for scrap and token trading.

Why I'm not getting scraps when I play?

There's an important step to follow if you want to start gathering Scraps. Make sure you have the Act II showing "ACTIVE!" on your home screen. To do it, just click the "Play now" message you get when you're still on Act I.

If you don't activate Crownfall: Act II, rewards will be treated as the ones for Act I. This means, you won't get usable tokens, new rewards or scraps.

Now, it's time to enjoy some good lore by playing Crownfall: Act II! If you want to know all the details about this exciting story, keep checking regularly!