With a 5-0 scores and just one game loss for each team, Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit have already secured their spot in the upcoming Dota 2 Major.

Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit are the first two teams to qualify for the second Dota 2 Major of 2021. The two teams are undefeated in the ESL One Eastern Europe Season 2: Upper Division but only one team will qualify for the Major playoffs. Here’s a quick rundown of the teams’ journey so far. 

Virtus.pro and Team Spirit: Yet to lose a match

Both teams have had a dominating performance in the second season of DPC 2021. With a 5-0 score, the competition at the top of the table is intense and either team is waiting for the other to make a mistake. The two teams will face each other on May 13, which should determine the team that tops the group. The winner of the DPC Season 2 will move directly to the Dota 2 Major playoffs. The other team will have to contend with a group stage slot. 

Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit are 5-0 and will face each other in their next match. Screengrab via Liquipedia.net.

Virtus.Pro continues its dominance in DPC

The team was undefeated in DPC 2021 Season 1, going 7-0. While it seems to be on a similar trajectory, there is a good chance that Team Spirit might play spoilsport in the next head-to-head series.

Danil “gpk” Skutin has a six-game deathless streak, a big reason for Virtus.Pro’s dominance. Image Credit: Virtus.Pro.

However, VP has looked dominant throughout the second season of the DPC. The team has lost just one game, its opening series to AS Monaco Gambit. VP still managed to win the series 2-1 but is yet to lose a single game since then. Its victories include 2-0 wins against Team Unique, Natus Vincere and PuckChamp. 

The team includes one of the best mid-laners in the region and the playstyle complements the roster’s strengths. With a very flexible roster that can play a wide array of heroes, Virtus.Pro is a favorite to top the group.

Team Spirit – The unlikely contender

Team Spirit is 10-1 in the DPC Season 2 group stage. Image Credit: Team Spirit.

Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov and co. have been a surprise revelation in DPC Season 2. The roster has put up impressive results so far winning all but one match with a 2-0 score. Spirit dropped a game to Winstrike whose Enigma pick dominated teamfights.

Team Spirit had finished Season 1 in fourth place behind Virtus.Pro, Na’Vi and AS Monaco Gambit. But right now, the team is 5-0 with only two games left. Team Spirit prefers a very mobility-based draft and uses this to its advantage. 

Which team will top the ESL One Eastern Europe Season 2?

The two teams will face each other in their next match and one of them is going to face its first loss. However, regardless of the outcome of the next two matches, both teams have booked their slot in the upcoming Dota 2 Major. 

With a 5-0 score and two matches left, Virtus.Pro and Team Spirit are guaranteed a Major slot. The only difference will be which team can qualify directly to the playoffs and which team will have to contend with the group stage slot. There is also a possibility of one of these two teams falling to the third-place. A third-place finish will mean a Wild Card slot in the Major and would happen only if Na’Vi wins all its remaining matches.

Valve is yet to announce details about the second Dota 2 Major of 2021. The Major will take place from June 2-13, 2021. 

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