Team Spirit dominates Tundra Esports in OGA Dota PIT S5 opener cover image

Team Spirit dominates Tundra Esports in OGA Dota PIT S5 opener

Team Spirit lives up to its TI champ status after delivering a clean performance against Tundra Esports in OGA Dota PIT Season 5.

The squad of Team Spirit lived up to their TI champ status as they brought an immaculate performance to the opening day of the 5th season of OGA Dota Pit. The world champion, Team Spirit squared off against the people's champion of Western Europe (WEU), Tundra Esports. The last time both teams went head-to-head was in the previous season of OGA Dota Pit, just a month before TI10, and it went in favor of Team Spirit. Now, the two powerhouses reunite to put on a show. Here is what took place in the exciting BO3.

Team Spirit brings the shot-gun to the battlefied

The first match of the series opened with a pretty equal laning phase and normal pick-offs across the map. An early teamfight mid, where Spirit attempted to assassinate the enemy’s carry, quickly backfired. Fata's Bane who positioned himself well, caught Yatoro's Morphling off guard. He managed to land the Nightmare and disabled the Morphling to set up the perfect kill.

The game remained stagnant in terms of net worth throughout the early phase and courtesy of Spirit's patience, they managed to hit their timings. Yatoro brought out the ‘shotgun’ build on Morphling and began hunting for Tundra’s heroes, while Mira’s Monkey King was serving well to provide vision. After an explosive fight in Tundra’s base, Spirit closed the game at the 40-minute mark.

Tundra Esports have no answers for Team Spirit

Spirit picked a signature Mars for Collapse, paired together with Mira's Phoenix. Tundra also drafted heavy teamfight heroes on their side - 33's Tidehunter and Skiter's Faceless Void. However, Spirit managed to consistently be steps ahead of their opponents and come out on top of most encounters. Even at times where Tundra seemed to be dominant, the net worth always favored Spirit's side. And once again, Spirit held the game to reach their timings -and when they did, they became formidable.

In 29 minutes, Spirit already accumulated 27k lead in gold. Tundra attempted to hold their base but Spirit's great initiation and coordination proved too strong for the members of Tundra. The series ultimately ended 2-0 in Spirit's favor.

This is only the beginning of the OGA Dota Pit Season 5: Europe/CIS. Tundra Esports still have a chance to fight for their lives in the tournament through the Lower Bracket. They will go up against NAVI on December 17. Team Spirit, on the other hand, marches forward to a spicy series against OG on December 16.

Here is the Playoffs bracket of the tournament following the Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports matchup.

The tournament bracket after Spirit's victory.
The tournament bracket after Spirit's victory.

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