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Valve permanently disabling CS: GO accounts for ‘Boosting’ cover image

Valve permanently disabling CS: GO accounts for ‘Boosting’


A Steam Support message confirms Valve is taking permanent action against boosted accounts. But will Valve remain consistent in its approach to boosters?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has many problems and boosting is one of the most common ones players experience in-game. It seems Valve is now taking things seriously and has started banning players for boosting on their accounts. 

Does Valve punish boosting accounts in CS:GO?

Boosting has been a problem in CS:GO for several years. Despite repeated complaints, Valve has been uncomfortably silent on this issue. But it seems the developer is now taking things seriously and handing out account bans for boosting.
In a reply to the Steam support message, Valve said that boosting skill groups or profile levels is an offense. Valve has permanently disabled the guilty account and will not be enabling it in the future. 

We do not support the boosting of CS:GO Skill Groups or profile levels, and as a result the account has been permanently disabled and will not be enabled in the future.

Furthermore, the developer also cautioned the user against buying/selling of Steam accounts. Changing the ownership of Steam accounts is illegal under the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Buying, Selling or Trading of Steam Accounts could lead to a permanent account lock

Reddit user TarOfficial first posted a screenshot of the Steam Support’s reply. This is the first instance of Valve taking permanent action against CS:GO users for boosting and in-game rank manipulation.

The buying, selling or trading of Steam accounts violates the Steam Subscriber Agreement, and if you purchased or traded for this account we do not recommend doing this going forward. Any account that is bought, sold or traded may be permanently disabled for account sharing in addition to Skill Group Boosting.

Valve’s crackdown on account boosting could go a long way in cleaning up the rank system. CS:GO players often see boosters play at lower ranks and then sell the accounts for real money. This results in an inferior gaming experience to the other nine players on the server. While boosting has been an offense for a long time, this is one of the first instances of Valve permanently locking accounts.
The release of Riot Games’ FPS, Valorant, has hit North American CS:GO esports hard. Several players, including ones from tier 1 teams have switched to Valorant. Former Evil Geniuses player, Tarik "tarik" Celik, is also contemplating a switch to Vlorant or full-time streaming as there are very few options in NA CS:GO.
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