Quincy Crew forced a third game after a Tiny Toss buyback to defeat Evil Geniuses and stay undefeated. The DPC NA now enters its final week.

Quincy Crew's match with Evil Geniuses was crucial

Standings heading into week 6
Standings heading into week 6

Last night was the highlight match of the NA DPC between arguably the two strongest teams in the region, Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew.

For Quincy Crew, this match meant a lot, having gotten knocked out in the first round of the Singapore Major, Quincy wanted this win to get that extra bump in DPC points to have a better chance at qualifying for an invite to TI.

With Quincy yet to face another NA powerhouse in Undying, this win would put them in a much better position even if they lost that game.

For EG, this was a runback from last season, when Quincy was able to be them 2-1 as well.

Game 1- Please Ban Abed Puck...

Game 1 started with a relatively standard draft from each team. Yawar "YawaR" Hassan on his Wraith King and Artour "Arteezy" Babaev on his Medusa, with Arif "MSS" Anwar playing a new favorite hero of his Hoodwink, as well as the ever-present Centaur played by Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang.

Both teams played the game incredibly well, with the teams going even in the laning phase. During the midgame, an Rosh play by Quincy followed by a counter stampede by EG leading to a retreat from the pit by Quincy was one of the game highlights showcasing just how good these two teams are at reading each other.

In the end, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan's Leshrac kept getting picked off at the start of fights leading to damage issues for the rest of the team. Andreas Franck "Cr1t~" Nielsen awesome LSA plays were able to kill off any Quincy Crew hero who got low enough. Not to mention, "Abed" Azel L. Yusop on his signature Puck demolished as usual.

Game 2 - Toss buyback "bug" proves very useful

This is where things get weird. In this draft, EG settle for a faster lineup with an Arteezy Luna at the helm, while this time Quincy Crew picked up the Medusa for themselves. They also went with a strange choice for Quinn, a last pick mid Snapfire going up against Abed Tiny. The game to be the longest in the series, almost hitting an hour.

Quinn had a rough game getting picked off a lot but no worse than Abed, who the lowest networth of all the EG cores, but still managed to get himself involved in the action stopped the Mortimer’s Kisses from going off in clutch fights.

The real star was arguable the MSS Clockwerk who hits some insane Hookshots to pick off key targets like the Cr1t Shadow Demon. By far the craziest part of the game was at the very end, with rapiers on both carries. YawaR was slain but an old bug in the game possibly salvaged it for Quincy Crew and allowed them to win it and force the third game.

If a player is killed mid-air during a Tiny toss and buybacks quickly enough they will respawn where they were initially meant to land. Quincy Crew used this to allow YawaR to come directly back into the fight after being tossed.

Game 3- God Strength Demolition

Now it was time for EG to have a weird draft, picking up a position 5 Legion Commander for Tal "Fly" Aizik. The idea was likely to deal with the second pick Rodrigo "Leslao" Sanchez Batrider.

In the early game EG actually seemed to be playing really well with Abed Storm Spirit popping off and some crazy lane swapping at the beginning putting Quincy in an awkward position.

But as the game went on, and Quincy Crew got some key pickoffs on the Arteezy Gyrocopter, it looked like Quincy had the better of the draft. YawaR on Sven could three-shot supports, and man fight the Gyrocopter, not to mention Avery "LoA" Silverman had several amazing Earthsplitters helping to lock down EG. Quincy Crew secured their 6th win in a row, and now could very well finish undefeated.

Where does this leave Quincy Crew?

With this series we enter a very similar scenario to last season, with potential tiebreakers if Quincy loses again to Undying. But if they are able to win, Quincy secures themselves in the upper division of the next major, with EG having to fight through the lower bracket.

It's not all bad news for Evil Geniuses however, as they secured their spot at The International 10.