Talon Esports takes down SEA titans Boom Esports through three intense and lengthy matches. The dark horse team that rose from Division II has yet to drop a series with a standing of 3-0 so far this season.

The Boom Esports versus Talon Esports series is considerably one of the most hyped series of SEA DPC. Talon came a long way from the trenches of Division II, making it all the way to the top of Division I by beating some of the strongest teams this season.

Talon Esports takes the lead with 3-0
Talon Esports takes the lead with 3-0. Screengrab via Liquipedia.

They have already beaten Polaris Esports and Team SMG. Now, they have conquered arguably the toughest titans of the group. By winning against Boom, Talon stands a good chance of getting into Arlington Major.

Talon Esports and Boom Esports bring the excitement of SEA Dota in game one

In game one, Talon and Boom managed to keep the status quo for the first 30 minutes of the game with a 17-17 score and an equal net worth lead. However, that quickly changed within the next 30 seconds when Talon managed to finally press the advantage.

Talon began to constantly pick off fbz’s Lycan and skem’s Grimstroke, giving themselves the opportunity to push high ground at the 33-minute mark.

Talon was able to claim Boom’s top barracks, but not without a cost. As they rotated to pressure Boom’s mid barracks, the Lycan was able to sneak into their bottom barracks and destroyed them. They also lost Mikoto’s Lina at the same time.

Unfortunately, that was not enough for Boom. They had no solution for the 23savage Ursa. The final nail of the coffin was hammered in when they lost a critical team fight that led to their demise in game one.

Boom Esports takes game two in a 50-minute fiasco

In contrast to game one, game two had a much slower start. The score stood at an unlively 13-2 with Boom holding the advantage 25 minutes into the game.

The game ramped up in the next 10 minutes as the number of kills began to increase rapidly. Both teams became very active on the map trying to gain a lead over each other, doubling the score to 22-8.

Maneuverability and survivability were a priority in this game. JACKBOYS was quick to pick up a Blink Dagger and a Satanic on his Razor, and that choice ultimately rewarded him dividends.

In an incredible team fight, the Razor was able to cling to his life and actually secured some kills before escaping. However, Talon managed to catch him in the end by committing multiple buybacks.

The Razor then came back for another massive team fight. This time he was able to narrowly escape with an Ultra Kill while dodging multiple skills. It was not easy, but Talon eventually tapped out after holding on for 50 minutes.

Another one hour game, Refresher orbs everywhere!

The final game of the series brought all of the excitement that had been built up to another level. Refresher Orbs were the name of the game when half of the players decided to pick them up, making team fights absolutely incredible.

Kpii’s Mars was the first to put the Refresher Orb to use. He dropped two beautifully placed Arenas that eliminated three players from Boom, effectively placing Talon on the advantage.

Meanwhile, the fbz Tidehunter clapped back with his own refresher and unleashed two Ravages that bought Boom more time in the game.

It finally came down to one last major team fight. It was 60 minutes in. Two Arenas and Ravages were dropped. Gems of true sights littered all over the ground.

After all the action, it was Q’s Enchantress that actually won the fight. The Impetus combined with Sproink acquired from Roshan enabled Enchantress to wipe Boom’s lineup clean.

With just two buybacks by the Ember and Tidehunter, Boom was powerless and was not able to defend their throne.

Needless to say, the Talon and Boom series was a true testament to what SEA Dota is all about–a blood boiling action-packed roller coaster ride.

Talon Hyde post-match – Marci is only for pos 4

The post-game interview was joined by Talon’s position 4 player Brizio Adi “Hyde” Putra Budiana. Talon Hyde was asked how he felt about beating Boom Esports. His response was that he had a fun game and enjoyed playing against Boom.

He was also asked to address his thoughts on Marci in the pro scene especially since the hero seems to struggle in finding success. He stated that Marci is only viable as a position 4 hero and that the hero is “pretty bad” in the late game.

Marci currently sits at an average 40 percent win rate after being picked 10 times this season in SEA DPC.

Marci win rate in SEA DPC Tour 3
Marci win rate in SEA DPC Tour 3. Screengrab via Liquipedia.

Finally, he was asked about how he felt about his team now that they are one of the strongest teams in Division I. His response:

I feel like we are confident to play against any team. It’s good vibes all the time.

talon Hyde

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