RNG delivers a 2-1 beatdown against EHOME in CN DPC, Somnus reveals his lucky charm cover image

RNG delivers a 2-1 beatdown against EHOME in CN DPC, Somnus reveals his lucky charm

In the post-match interview, Somnus talks about their new carry Ghost and his fancy headphones while playing a pub match at the same time!

Today, the China (CN) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) witnessed a series between two powerhouses in the region - Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and EHOME. The matchup ended in a glorious win for RNG, which had simultaneously even out all the scores in Division I of CN DPC. Now all teams hold a 1-1 score, proving once again that the Chinese region is highly competitive.

After the series ended, Lu "Somnus丶M" Yao hopped on the post-match interview talking about RNG's new carry, Ghost, and about his interesting headphones - all while he was playing a pub game at the same time!

If you missed the series, here's a quick summary.

A back-and-forth contest

RNG completely destroyed EHOME in the opening match. Throughout the game, three of RNG's cores sat on top of the net worth chart comfortably, and with more control on the map, they expanded the net worth gap over time. Using a carry Ursa, they easily secured an early Roshan and snowballed the game.

The 2nd game saw EHOME fire back convincingly. They grabbed an offlane Nature's Prophet and reversed the magic, beating down RNG in the same fashion. RNG surrendered after a long-drawn Roshan fight in which they lose out in numbers after multiple buybacks.

In the final game, RNG gave no mercy. They quickly stopped EHOME in their tracks, not allowing the Lycan-Tiny draft to snowball. Chalice showed a brilliant performance on his Nature's Prophet and Somnus, as per usual, was dominating throughout.

Somnus talks about his fancy headphones

In the post-match interview, Somnus was rocking a pink, cat-ears headset that looked a little out of the norm. The panel asked Somnus about his new piece and he revealed that he had actually taken the headphones from his wife after losing his own. Now that he's winning games, Somnus feels like he's not returning the headphones anytime soon. "Until I lost, I will give this one back," he smiled.

Now onto some real questions, the panel asked Somnus about RNG's new addition, Daniel "Ghost" Chan Kok Hong. The Malaysian carry is the least experienced among them all, having played in the Tier 2 scene his entire career. Somnus stated that his hero pool as compared to their previous carry, GodKing is different and that they're changing their drafts around him. "I feel like most teams, their lineup is built around their position 1 so we have different hero pools."

No rest for the wicked

In the final bit of the interview, the panel wanted Somnus to show off the visible tattoo on his arm. However, Somnus couldn't show it at that moment as he revealed that he was playing a game.

"Not really, I'm actually in a game right now so I'm kind of busy," he laughed. But he reassured them that he can show the tattoo some other time. Somnus is definitely walking the talk of absolutely focusing on Dota 2 and training intensively, as he took no rest right after a DPC match and hopped straight into a pub match.

RNG's next match in CN DPC will be on June 19th against Aster.Aries. On the other hand, EHOME will face Xtreme Gaming on June 21st. You can check the full schedule here.

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