The Dota 2 7.36 Patch is massive to say the least. With tons of hero and gameplay changes that are bound to revolutionize Dota 2. However, we can't forget about the items! The 7.36 patch changed and even reworked some key items. So let's break down the various item changes of Dota 2's 7.36 patch!

Dota 2 Patch 7.36 Item Changes

Roshan's Banner

Roshan's Banner might actually be useful in Patch 7.36! With significant buffs and a total rework, it seems like Roshan's banner has a lot more potential to empower creeps.

  • Now grants invulnerability to all allied lane creeps in radius
  • Effect radius decreased from 750 to 600
  • Creeps lose Banner's effect once they leave the radius
  • Banner duration decreased from 5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Melee Hero attacks now deal 2x damage to Roshan's Banner
  • Cast range decreased from global to 1200

Dragon Lance

You now can't disassemble Dragon anymore. Although it's rare that the item would be disassembled, it's probably in relation to Gyrocopter's new Innate Ability.

  • Can no longer be disassembled

Eternal Shroud

The current, most popular tank item against magic damage got a simple recipe increase in the patch. Although the change is minor, 100 gold is still 100 gold.

  • Recipe cost increased from 800 to 900. Total cost increased from 3600 to 3700

Orchid Malevolence and Bloodthorn

There apparently was a bug that Status Resistance would eliminate the Soul Burn/Rend damage from both Bloodthorn and Orchid. This was fixed in the Dota 2 7.36 patch. So, no need to worry about the enemy offlaner surviving due to a random bug.

  • Fixed Status Resistance sometimes eliminating Soul Burn's damage (Orchid)
  • Fixed Status Resistance sometimes eliminating Soul Rend's damage (Bloodthorn)


Another simple change. The chain lightning damage has decreased by 10 damage, dropping the total to 110 (from 120).

  • Chain Lightning Damage decreased from 120 to 110

Octarine Core

Our favorite (and only) Cooldown reduction item has been nerfed. Specifically the HP and Mana bonuses that it provides, which have been reduced by 75 each.

  • Health bonus decreased from +625 to +550
  • Mana bonus decreased from +625 to +550

Meteor Hammer in patch 7.36

Due to the cost changes of Kaya, Meteor Hammer's recopied has been reduced to 300 to keep the item at 2850 gold.

Wind Waker

Wind Waker's cooldown has been increased by three seconds. This brings the total up to 16 seconds total.

  • Cyclone Cooldown increased from 13s to 16s

Ogre Seal Totem in patch 7.36

This is by far the best item change of the entire 7.36 Dota 2 patch. There is not a animation called "Ogre Seal Flop" that plays when the hero is jumping.

  • Ogre Seal Flop now plays a flail animation while hero is jumping

Sange, Yasha, Kaya and their upgrades in patch 7.36

This is the major part of the item changes of the 7.36 patch. There's been changes to the three blades, which subsequently affect their item combinations and their upgrades. There has been a total price increase for all three swords (Sange, Yasha and Kaya). The recepie has increased by 100 gold, bringing the recepie cost to 650 and the total cost to 2100 gold.

Sange and Heaven's Halberd

The big change with Sange in the 7.36 Patch is that Sange no longer provides Status Resistance. However, in its stead, the blade provides +20% Slow Resistance. Subsequently, Halberd no longer provides Status Resistance and now provides the +20% Slow Resistance. Additionally, and thankfully, the cost hasn't changed. The Recipe cost has been decreased to account for Sange's price increase.

Yasha, Kaya and their upgrades

Next up the blades Kaya and Yasha. Which both didn't get changes like Sange. However, they were still subject to the same recipe price increase. Thus, this affects every Carry's favorite item: Manta Style as well as the long forgotten Meteor Hammer. While Manta Style's total price increased to 4650, Meteor Hammer's price remained the same as the recipe cost decreased.

Additionally, Kaya now provides +25% Cast Speed Bonus. That bonus applies to both Kaya and Sange and Kaya and Yasha.

And those are all the item changes for the massive 7.36 Dota 2 patch! For more Dota 2 content, stay tuned to esports.gg!